30 Easy & Cheap Last Minute Ideas.

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Looking for last minute decorating ideas for Christmas?

Cheap and quick things to do with the family?

We have selected for you the most beautiful DIY easy to make and economical.

Oh yes ! No need to spend a fortune at Auchan or Gifi to have a magnificent Christmas decoration at home!

A bit of recycling, a bit of imagination, a bit of handmade crafts …

Here is 30 easy-to-make Christmas decorations that will inspire you :

Christmas Decorations: 30 Easy & Cheap Last Minute Ideas.

1. Wreath of mistletoe and holly

Wreath of red and white berries

All you need to make this gorgeous wreath is: some form of wreath, artificial holly and mistletoe, and glue. And that’s all !

2. Frosted vases

White glass vases filled with red berries

Turn your inexpensive glass vases into super frosted vases with an artificial snow bomb.

3. Hand decorated plates

Several decorated white plates

Do you have basic white plates? Why not personalize them? Just decorate them by writing the names of the guests or Christmas messages with gold paint.

4. Frames with glittery silhouettes

Two frames decorated for Christmas

Make a real work of art without breaking the bank! For that, you need frames, reindeer (or angel) silhouettes, glitter, decorative paper for the background and a little glue. Cover the silhouette with the glitter, glue the decorative paper on the bottom of the frame and glue over your glitter silhouette. All you have to do is place your work on the mantelpiece.

5. Wreath of snowflakes

Wreath with a red ribbon made with lots of snowflakes

To make this beautiful Christmas wreath, just glue snowflakes on a wreath shape. Don’t forget to add a beautiful red bow before hanging it on the front door.

6. Glitter candlesticks

Glitter candlesticks with several candles

Collect some old candlesticks and give them a festive look by covering them with glitter.

7. Cutlery holder with Christmas socks

Covered in several Christmas mittens

Use Christmas socks to make original and festive cutlery holders.

8. Light garland of paper cubes

Several bright paper cube

These easy-to-make origami cubes showcase a simple LED string light to spruce up the Christmas tree.

9. Rhinestone decoration

Crystal decoration on a gold tree

These rhinestone gemstones are perfect for adding sparkle to your Christmas tree.

10. Christmas village

Full of small houses in snow

Small, decorative wooden houses turn into a fairy-tale village covered in snow. All you need is an artificial snow bomb. The result is incredible! Easy and economical, isn’t it?

11. Handmade wire stars

Star thread ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree

It’s a great idea for a decoration in the Christmas tree! In addition, each handmade star is unique.

12. Sparkling Glitter Balls

Round ornaments with lots of multi-color sequins

You will need a lot of sequins and a styrofoam ball to make this decoration, but the end result is really impressive!

13. Christmas countdown

Blackboard on a red background and with white writing on it

Take an old plate and paint the edges red and the center with slate paint. Place it on a plate holder. Now all you have to do is start the countdown to Christmas.

14. Giant glitter ornaments

Glitter polystyrene ornaments in red

Give a festive air to your patio or windows by hanging these giant polystyrene balls covered with glitter.

15. Snowballs made with toothpicks

Toothpick snowballs

Even toothpicks can be used to make pretty, inexpensive Christmas decorations!

16. Pretty sparkling fruits

Several scintillating in silver

Faux fruit + glitter = those little wonders you can use to decorate!

17. Sparkling stars

Two sparkling stars

Recycle the star of the tree to make a beautiful decoration on the fireplace.

18. Decorative magnets made with children

Several party magnets for Christmas

I love these magnets made with the kids!

19. Framed Christmas ball

Red frame with hanging red ornaments

Just spray red paint on an old frame and use a pretty ribbon to hang some ornaments.

20. Glass vase decorated for Christmas

Large glass vase with several red ornaments inside

Nothing could be easier to do! Just fill the glass jar with baubles, pine cones and Christmas decorations.

21. Christmas candle holders

Christmas snow candle holder

Decorate your Christmas table with these beautiful, really inexpensive candles.

22. The North Pole street sign made with a solar lamp

Solar lamp decorated for Christmas

Give an outdoor solar light a makeover to make it a fun and inexpensive Christmas ornament.

23. Crown of balls

Crown with red ornaments and a ribbon

Make this beautiful Christmas wreath with a wire hanger and red Christmas balls.

24. Christmas bauble garland

Garlands in ornaments with several colors for Christmas

String a string of inexpensive Christmas baubles on a ribbon and hang the garland from a fireplace or doorway.

25. Decorated candles

Candles decorated with ribbon paper for Christmas

Use decorative Christmas paper to embellish simple candles.

26. Original and inexpensive Christmas trees

Several Christmas tree with several different materials

These Christmas trees are made with plastic spoons, small Christmas balls, a green garland and candy. Original and very economical, isn’t it?

27. Christmas tree as gifts

Christmas tree made with several fake gifts

Make a beautiful sparkling Christmas tree with gift packages. All you need to do is collect cardboard boxes and cover them with shiny gift wrap to get the most beautiful effect. In addition, no need to throw away your cardboard boxes. You’ve found a great way to recycle it!

28. Snowman made with a wooden spoon

Decorated wooden spoon

Ideal for decorating your kitchen for the holidays!

29. Christmas balls made with pot lids

Several jar lids decorated for Christmas

Ingenious, don’t you think? It’s a great idea for recycling jar lids. All you need is some decorative tape, pipe cleaners … and you give those lids a second.

30. Crown of socks

Sock wreath that serves as a decoration for Christmas

It’s really cheap to do but it looks super chic! And at least you know how to recycle your orphan socks.

Your turn…

Did you like these easy to make and inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas? Tell us in the comments which one you prefer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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