30 DIY Outdoor Pallet Kitchens.

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July 20, 2020

With wooden pallets, you can do absolutely anything!

You can make your own bed, garden furniture, and even a compost bin.

Well, know that you can also cook your outdoor kitchen with a pallet!

We have selected for you the 30 best wood pallet outdoor kitchens.

Don’t worry, these DIY DIY projects are quick and easy to make!

30 DIY Outdoor Pallet Kitchens.

An outdoor kitchen is great for the summer! You can cook your BBQ, cook your meat a la plancha and even do the dishes.

It avoids putting it all over the house and it’s much easier to clean. Look :

1. Barbecue and plancha

Outdoor barbecue on several pallets

2. A mobile kitchen on wheels

Small barbecue on pallets

3. A kitchen equipped like at home

Well-equipped outdoor kitchen

4. An outdoor kitchen with an oven

Outdoor kitchen with an oven

5. A kitchen sheltered from the rain

Covered outdoor kitchen

6. A kitchen with beautiful colors

Outdoor kitchen all in gray

7. A kitchen with integrated BBQ

Space entirely dedicated to barbecue

8. With storage for utensils

Outdoor kitchen with stored utensils

9. A kitchen with a beautiful green water color

Outdoor kitchen in water green color

10. Two spaces for two functions

Outdoor kitchen with two different spaces

11. With a small roof

Outdoor kitchen with a small roof above

12. The version for children!

Outdoor kitchen for children

13. On casters to move it

Outdoor kitchen on casters

14. With built-in lights

Outdoor kitchen with built-in storage

15. And it also works with wooden boxes

Outdoor kitchen on wooden boxes

16. A corner for the plancha and a worktop corner

Place for the plancha and a place dedicated to the worktop in an outdoor kitchen

17. A real kitchen, but outside

Real kitchen but outside

18. Two-in-one: cooker and bar for an aperitif

Outdoor bar for an aperitif

19. A cooler integrated into the outdoor kitchen

Cooler integrated into its outdoor kitchen

20. An outdoor kitchen to move as you wish

Movable outdoor kitchen

21. A kitchen island in pallets

Charming kitchen island

22. A pallet kitchen with character

Outdoor pallet kitchen with character

23. Small multifunctional kitchens

Outdoor kitchen with multi-function pallets

24. A pallet kitchen in a garage

Pallet kitchen in a garage

25. A mini-kitchen that has it all

Outdoor mini-kitchen to do it all

26. Sink + worktop + BBQ

Outdoor kitchen with integrated barbecue

27. A kitchen with palettes of different tones

Outdoor kitchen with pallets of different tones

28. A simple and efficient layout!

Outdoor kitchen with wood above

29. A practical kitchen for washing dishes

Several storage spaces in the outdoor kitchen

30. A kitchen with a double sink

Outdoor kitchen with brown wood pallets

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