3 Original and DIY Creations with my Palettes.

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Among the DIY handyman’s best friends are pallets.

Here are 3 original creations to make yourself from these modules as basic as they are common.

Because we find them all over (construction sites, traders, supermarkets, etc.), pallets are part of DIY recuperation par excellence and offer many possibilities Creation.

Here are the ones I have identified for you.

1. The coffee table

Tip carried out (see photo) by a friend who owns a guest room, she gives a rustic but modern look, equipped with wheels (€ 1.93 on Amazon for the smallest).

Use, if necessary, the slats of a second pallet and nail them in the interstices to have a nice flat table top.

2. The headboard

No difficulty or DIY to make a headboard from pallets as this Internet user did. Unique obligation, to have 2 pallets aged or not, and dispose of them vertically as a headboard. The color of the wood is ideally combined with a white bed set.

Additional tip: a light garland that would meander between the slats of the pallets would serve as a bedside lamp and a perfect decoration.

3. The bed

This time again, no DIY necessary. 4 pallets are enough to create a bedspring original for a two-seater mattress. The key is to choose the right size pallets.

Of many variations are possible: on casters, with two thicknesses of pallets … Let your imagination run free, you will surely obtain a most original bed.

Personalized decoration

In general, for all of these tips, all kinds of decorations personalized are possible. You just have to make your choice: leave raw, paint, age, varnish, cover and many other options.

Personally, I chose to paint them white but to do only one coat so that the wood and its pretty patterns can show through and give a rustic side to my industrial pallets.

With a stroke of paint, you will see that the appearance changes completely. If that’s not enough for you, there is always time to put on a second coat.

Do you like these tips and advice? Are you going to get started? Tell me in a comment.

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