3 Original and DIY candle holders For a Charming Decor.

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Illuminate and sublimate its interior as its exterior by enriching it with the charming and flickering light of candles, all without breaking the bank, it is doable with my 3 original and DIY candle holders.

Nothing like the return to the use of the candle and the plate warmer to receive friends or to create a rustic, romantic or distinguished atmosphere.

On sunny days, you will see that the 3 candle holders that I have selected for you are suitable for our interiors as well as our terraces and gardens.

1. Grandma’s ladle

Use old ladles to make Lanterns

The older and rustier the ladle, the more effective it will be.

The ideal being to have many.

The natural curve of the old ladles that can be seen in the photo makes it unnecessary to tinker with this trick.

It’s just a matter of finding a place to hang it (them) from the top of the handle.

In the event that the top of the handle is not bent enough, grab a pair of pliers (or two for more precision) and twist the top of the handle until you get the ideal hook.

2. The paper bags

Paper bags recycled into Candle holders

Kraft paper bags have become a classic at weddings and other receptions on the beach or outdoors.

The investment is minimum and the return will be maximum.

The trick is to place your warming dishes in simple fine, white kraft paper bags, without handles.

Once the edges are slightly rolled up, I fill with sand or flour up to a third and arrange them to light up a driveway or even stairs.

3. Glass jars

Candle holder in glass jars

This trick requires as raw material one or more jars, jam, candy, fruit … as well as wire (between 1 and 2 mm in diameter).

The jars serve as receptacles for the warming dishes and diffuse the lavished light.

The trick is to hang them on simple nails or include them in a composition of your choice using the wire that acts as a handle (if the jars do not already have one) and a suspension.

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