3 DIY shelves to make in less than 20 minutes.

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Excess of books, knick-knacks or clothing; Here are 3 types of DIY shelves to make in no time to solve the majority of your storage problems.

As far as I’m concerned, reading is the main cause of my storage problems. For solve this problem and those of my kind, I have carried out some research, the fruits of which follow.

Several shelves that serve as storage: 3 DIY shelves to be made in less than 20 minutes.


In this trick, the main challenge is to achieve these DIY shelves in one minimum time, that is to say with the most common materials, economical, and simplest structures possible.

It is obviously essential to have wood planks, of equivalent size. Do not worry all the same, the lengths of these same boards can differ, it will be enough then to give your shelves a pyramidal shape most aesthetic.

According to the tastes the boards can obviously be sanded, painted, covered, in short… decorated.

Cinder block shelves.

The most basic.

The good old concrete blocks or bricks (superimposed) come intercalate between the wooden planks. They can be painted, bomb preferably, always taking care to spray from a good thirty centimeters.

The Flower Pots Shelves.

The most bucolic.

The same principle here, the concrete blocks being replaced by terracotta flower pots. Prettier when they are rough, they are also more easily customizable, because made of a material that can be painted more easily with a brush.

The Bottle Shelves.

The most unusual.

More technical to achieve than the previous ones, they are undoubtedly the ones that will make the most effect (see photo of the trick).

Material required and principle:

4 bottles of wine per floor, or two at the end of each plank.

– 1 drill equipped with a wood bit flat with a diameter slightly greater than that of the neck of your bottles; at borrow to one of his neighbors or to to rent on Zilok.

Necks bottles will come then fit into the holes that you will have pierced. Then one other board, not pierced this time come to land on the bottlenecks. Operation to be repeated as many times as desired.

Did you like these economical and practical tips? Any other ideas to suggest? Tell me in a comment.

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