3 DIY Ideas To Decorate A Christmas Tree At The Last Minute.

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December 19, 2012

Haven’t bought your tree yet? Do not panic for broke latecomers, it is possible to forget that you forgot to buy the good old Christmas tree organic version or plastic version. Here are the three last-minute inexpensive trees to make yourself at home.

When the holidays arrived I was a little reluctant to buy my first real Christmas tree, you know the one who lived perhaps quietly in his forest and that we arbitrarily decided to cut down, or even his plastic twin. little ugly. So here are the three tree ideas of last minute at a low price that I dug up for my fellows latecomers.

The Wire Tree.

For the wire tree (see image), some nails and one single thread wool, peach or iron will do. The nails planted in a triangle draw a tree, there is more than to hang our few balls and decorations.

Le Sapin Wood Slats.

Only material for the fir of wooden slats (see image): as the name suggests, from simple wooden slats. The slats of a old box spring or the skeleton of a palette are ideal. A vertical acts as trunk while the others, horizontal, form the branching. More than to decorate it with a small garland.

The Stepladder Fir.

Without doubt the simplest and … riskiest trick. The stepladder tree (see image) is the performance of the day. The simple unfolded stepladder acts as fir and the whole thing consists of decorate it like a real one. It is strongly advised to have a nice stepladder or indulgent friends. Either way the effect is guaranteed!

So much for the clever latecomers. Another 35 more trees for last-minute DIY enthusiasts on the very useful Buzzfeed site (see link). And tell us in the comments which one you have chosen!

Savings Realized

The price of a tree is at least 25 € (unless you go and cut it yourself in the forest!). With my tips, it doesn’t cost you a dime since you are using what you already have! Annual savings: 25 € therefore!

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