3 Colorful DIY Ideas to Brighten Up your Interior.

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Are you looking for decorative ideas to brighten up your interior?

Here are 3, easy to do with children.

Don’t worry, they won’t cost you much!

Check out these 3 DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas now:

1. A Colored Pencil Vase

DIY flowerpot made with colored pencils

Very easy to make, this vase will delight your child! For that, you need:

– a medium tin can from which you have carefully removed the lid

– color pencils

– a rubber band

– a piece of ribbon

– a special fabric marker

– water and flowers

The concept is very simple. You are going to surround the tin can with the colored pencils. So that they can hold, you add your elastic all around. And finally, to hide your elastic, add your ribbon, which can be decorated by you using a special fabric marker.

Whether a seamstress or a solid color, it’s the little detail that will enhance your vase even more. All you have to do is drop your flowers and a little water!

To find out how to use a tin can to divert it into a flowerpot, read our recycling tip here.

2. A Multicolored Door Wreath

colorful and DIY door wreath

Again, nothing could be easier!

You will need a polystyrene crown.

Also take a pack of small cocktail umbrellas while you’re at it.

Stitch your umbrellas all around your crown, and hang that sun appeal on your doorstep. Guaranteed success!

And with a little luck, the real sun as a bonus.

3. A Wind Harp With Old Keys

DIY decoration wind harp

This colorful third idea will surely appeal to your children too. Not only will it allow you to have a good time, but also to recycle your old keys.

How to do

– Pick up an old piece of wood, provide at least 5 keys, colored string and acrylic paint.

– Paint the piece of wood and the keys with acrylic paint, you will try to coordinate the colors for a prettier rendering.

– Hang the keys side by side along the piece of wood, and hang your wind harp near a window.

You will enjoy its melody with each breath of wind.

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