3 Cheap Decorating Ideas For My Wedding Reception.

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There it is, you are going to get married! Your dream: an intimate wedding that will take place in your home.

Want an exceptional moment, but not to leave all your savings there?

Here are some ideas for unique decoration at the right price.

Before deciding on the choice of your decoration, you will of course have to find your theme. Country, romantic, exotic

What are you dreaming of? Whichever you choose, your decoration can stay well within a reasonable budget. The secret ?

A worked simplicity, a finger of salvage, naturalness … for a breathtaking result!

You have your theme, you can now choose the decoration. Here are a few examples to follow, with the hottest themes right now.

1. The country theme

wedding decoration with a country theme

If you have chosen a country theme, you can definitely consider a simple table, in raw wood, very slightly bucolic. Embellished with a simple table runner in the center.

Indoors or outdoors, anything can be staged. For the country theme, you will insist on the floral side by using branches in height, field flowers on the tables installed in jars of recycling.

make lavender bouquets to decorate your wedding day

The exterior will also be adapted according to the theme. A cart can be used as a table to present the mounted piece and the other sweets provided for the dessert, hay bales can be scattered in the garden like so many islands of rest (or more if there is affinity!).

Until there, nothing very expensive and a very pretty aesthetic rendering.

2. The romantic theme

For a romantic atmosphere, we will insist a little more on the dressing of the tables, and the different colors used. The key is to find consistency right down to the dishes you use.

An interesting idea to give volume and a certain cachet to your room, if your ceiling allows it of course: install a wedding curtain.

Of different colors, it will be the most beautiful effect. If you find it too crowded, simple string lights paired with tulle will be perfect.

install wall hangings and ceilings for your wedding

A little touch of originality and romanticism, the throwing of sky lanterns! You will not fail to mark the spirits of your guests by offering them this launch.

They will illuminate, for a quite reasonable price, this exceptional end of the day.

3. The exotic theme

choose the exotic theme for your wedding

From sand, tables to turquoise tablecloths and a few pineapples at the center of the table, and you will feel transported to an island at the end of the world!

For your seating plan, why not make a world’s map with the name of an island to designate each table?

Bet on flashy colors that will spice up your decor! Mini coconut palms or shells can serve as a place card, deckchairs and parasols will add a touch of the sunniest.

The only limit: your imagination!

And you ? What would be the theme of your wedding? Have these ideas inspired you? Come tell us in the comments.

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