29 Newsprint Uses That NOBODY Knows.

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What to do with old newspapers? Good question !

Here I show you how to reuse newspapers that you no longer read and that are lying around in a closet.

It would be a shame to throw them away, because this paper is worth gold when you know what to do with it!

At home, in the garden or in the garage, old newspapers will change your life.

Newsprint will quickly become your best friend.

Here is 29 tips for reusing your old newspapers throughout the house. Look :

29 Amazing Uses of Newsprint.

1. Cleans the windows

hand washing windows with crumpled newspaper

Cleaning windows with newspaper is more effective than a rag.

Why ?

Because it avoids traces.

For best results, use a solution of white vinegar and water rather than a chemical cleaner. Check out the trick here.

2. Protects shelves

newspaper on shelves

Reuse old newspapers to line the shelves of your cupboard, your dresser, your pantry.

Why ? Because it helps protect your shelves from stains and dirt that accumulate.

It is an inexpensive solution that is easy to install or replace.

In addition, the newspaper serves as insulation which is perfect in a pantry.

3. As a cat litter

newspaper cat litter

Place sheets of newspaper in the bottom of the cat’s crate, below the gravel.

Not only will you save on gravel, but also moisture and odors are absorbed. Check out the trick here.

4. Cleans the barbecue grills

clean barbecue grill with newspaper

Cleaning the barbecue grills is much easier than it looks!

First, let the grates cool.

Meanwhile, soak sheets of newspaper in water.

Once the grates are cooler, place the newspaper on top and close the bbq.

Leave it on for about an hour.

Now you can clean the grates very easily and almost without scrubbing.

The damp newspaper softened all the grease. Check out the trick here.

5. Replace bubble wrap

object wrapped in newspaper

Newspaper is a great wrapping paper that makes a perfect replacement for bubble wrap.

To send fragile items, you must first wrap them individually in newspaper.

Then place them in the package, separated by crumpled paper.

Then fill the remaining space with crumpled newspaper into a ball.

The person who receives the package can reuse the newspaper, recycle it, or set it on fire.

6. Weed control

weed journal

If you have weeds in your garden, cover them with newspaper and wet it.

Then cover the paper with compost or mulch.

The weeds are smothered and the newspaper will decompose little by little.

Goodbye to weeds, and all without chemicals. Check out the trick here.

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7. Turns into papier mache

paper mache newspaper

A great activity to keep the kids entertained.

With glue and newspaper, you’ll be able to craft and shape lots of adorable little characters. The tutorial here.

8. As a fire starter

light a fire with newspaper

Here is a use well known to anyone with a fireplace:

Newsprint is great for starting a fire.

Use bits of crumpled newspaper to start a fire, charcoal barbecue, or campfire.

9. Dry wet shoes

newspaper in shoes to keep fit

To keep leather boots and shoes in shape, stuff them with newspaper.

It also helps remove moisture from the shoes. Check out the trick here.

10. Protects your crisper

newspaper at the bottom of the vegetable drawer

Consider putting newspaper at the bottom of the fridge crisper.

Why ? Because newspaper protects your crisper from rotting fruits and vegetables.

In addition, it absorbs odors and keeps them longer.

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11. Ripens green tomatoes

tomato and asparagus on newspaper

Wrap the still green tomatoes in sheets of newspaper.

Then put the wrapped tomatoes in a closed box.

The tomatoes will ripen and turn very red.

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12. Protects against stains when tinkering

newspaper to protect the table from DIY

When painting or any messy crafts, line the area with newspaper to prevent spills and smudges.

It will save you from spending 3 hours trying to remove a stain!

13. Protects car mats

Newsprint car floor mats

To protect the car floor from mud or dirt, put newspaper on the floor mats.

The newspaper will absorb moisture and keep your rugs clean.

And if your rugs are already dirty, here’s how to clean them easily.

14. Turns into fireplace logs

log of newspaper for the fireplace

Roll up newspaper and tie it tightly with string to make makeshift logs.

It really makes it easier to start the fire and saves wood.

There’s even a log compactor for free heat.

15. Serves as a camping mattress

newspaper under camping mattress

Put sheets of newspaper under your sleeping bag when you go camping.

Your bag is thus protected from humidity, away from dirt and grass stains and in addition it is more comfortable.

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what to do with old newspaper

16. Protects the table from stains and halos

newspaper under the tablecloth

Protect your table from splashes, stains and moisture halos by putting newspaper under your tablecloth or oilcloth.

This avoids buying a not super green rubber table protector.

17. Serves as a doormat when it rains

newspaper serves as doormat

Place a folded newspaper next to the front door to put your wet shoes on.

No more mud, stained soil and dirt all over the house.

Very practical when it rains or snows outside to avoid putting it everywhere in the house.

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18. Deodorizes shoes

newspaper for deodorizing shoes

Put balls of newspaper inside smelly shoes.

Leave them on overnight and throw them away the next morning.

You will be surprised to see (or rather feel) that the odors have disappeared overnight.

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19. As a homemade gift bag

newspaper gift bag

Tired of buying gift wrap for Christmas and birthdays?

You are right, because it is expensive and not very green since it is only used once …

Fortunately, you can make your own gift bags with 2 sheets of newspaper. Check out the trick here.

20. Protects fragile books

newspaper to cover books

You can also cover books with newspaper.

This is perfect for exercise books or recipe books that are handled a lot.

And to recognize the books once covered, use a label to note its title!

21. Protects the floor from oil and gasoline stains

car being repaired with tools on newspaper

If you are mechanical, use newspaper to protect your garage floor.

This will prevent you from rubbing oil and gasoline stains to try to remove them.

22. Prevents fruits from rotting

avocado in newspaper

Wrap the apples in newspaper and store them in a dry place to keep them longer …

… without them rotting!

It also works for pears, kiwis, lemons, avocados …

23. Avoid drafts under the door

newspaper under a drafty door

Cover any holes that allow air to pass under your windows or doors with newspaper.

The air is blocked and your heating bills go down.

Even more need to buy a door sausage! Find out how to do it here.

24. Protects the windshield from freezing

log protected windshield

Put newspaper on your windshield at night.

This protects the glass from frost.

No more wasting time in the morning to scratch the windshield.

To discover : The Magic Trick To Never Have Frost On Your Windshield Again.

25. Protects plants in winter

newspaper to protect young plants

Protect your flowers from the cold by wrapping them in newspaper.

Secure the paper with the clothespins, and especially do not forget to cover the pot to protect the roots.

26. Protect your fingers when picking up broken glass

broken glass in newspaper

Did you break a glass on the floor? To pick it up without hurting yourself, here’s the trick.

Wrap large pieces in newspaper first.

Then carefully collect the small pieces with wet newspaper.

Why ? Because the small shards of glass will stick to the wet paper ball. Check out the trick here.

27. Serves as a seedling pot

newspaper seedling pot

Layer several sheets of newspaper on top of each other and fold them to make a small container.

Put some soil in it and sow your seeds.

Here you are with a DIY seedling pot that cost you 0 €.

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28. Clean the oven

clean the oven with newspaper

Don’t soil your rags to clean a heavily soiled oven.

Use in place of damp newspaper.

You can thus remove large residues of burnt fat stuck on the walls of the oven.

All you have to do is throw the newspaper in the trash and get down to business.

29. Unscrew a broken bulb

unscrew light bulb with newspaper

To unscrew a broken light bulb, use newspaper.

Unscrew the bulb with newspaper to avoid burning your fingers.

Then wrap the bulb in newspaper before you throw it away.

Bonus: put in the compost

newspaper in the compost

Moisten and shred a few newspaper sheets before putting them in the compost.

Add it from time to time to the delight of the earthworms.

newspaper, how to recycle it

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for reusing old newspapers? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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