28 Awesome Space Saving Storage Ideas at Home.

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You have noticed ?

We always try to save space at home!

Whether it’s the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room, there is always a need for extra storage.

Fortunately, there are some awesome tips for making the most of your living space at home.

Here is 28 ingenious storage ideas to finally save space at home. Look :

1. A sliding shelf in the bathroom

a sliding shelf in the bathroom to save space

A shelf that disappears into the wall … Clever to save space in the bathroom, isn’t it?

2. Sliding laundry baskets to hide dirty laundry

a sliding cupboard to store laundry baskets

Dirty laundry spilling out of laundry baskets is not very aesthetic! The problem is solved with these sliding laundry baskets.

3. A wardrobe under the stairs to store shoes and coats

a wardrobe under the stairs to store coats and shoes

With shoes and coats, it’s always a mess in the lobby. By storing them under the stairs, you save a lot of space. And everything is in order!

4. A drawer to store all kitchen utensils

a special drawer to store all kitchen utensils

Ladles, wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks … All of this takes up a lot of space on the worktop. Especially since we don’t use them every day … With this fitted drawer, these utensils become invisible.

5. A cupboard to store household appliances

the small household appliance is stored in a cupboard

How about hiding household appliances in a closet? When we need it, we open the closet door. When we no longer need it, we close the door. Neither seen nor known ! And that avoids cluttering the work plan.

6. The built-in television in the living room cabinet

a TV inserted in the living room shelf to save space

The TV inserted in the living room shelf is a perfect example of space saving for small apartments.

7. Drawers hidden in the stairs

Drawers in the steps of a staircase

These drawers placed in the steps of the stairs save considerable space. It’s a great idea for small spaces with a mezzanine.

8. A foldable ironing board that fits in the closet

an ironing board that fits in a cupboard

Not only does this ironing board take up no space, it is also really practical for everyday use.

9. Shelves directly integrated into the wall

a shelf integrated into the wall to save space

When there is little space in a room, the good idea is to integrate a shelf IN the wall. It is a considerable saving of space.

10. Storage space just above the washing machine

shelves installed above the washing machine

The space above the washing machine is often wasted space. So, why not install a plank with storage blocks on it? That’s just what it takes to have a tidy laundry room.

11. Storage shelves with a dirty laundry bin

a shelf and a storage column in the bathroom

It is very practical to use the space above the tub to put a shelf in it. That way, you always have a towel on hand when you get out of the bath!

And if we add a column to store dirty laundry and all hygiene and beauty products, there is nothing left lying around!

12. A storage for jewelry hidden behind the mirror

a shallow cupboard behind a mirror

Who could imagine that behind this large mirror, hides a cupboard to store jewelry? Discover the trick in n ° 10.

13. An office space hidden in a closet

a desk hidden in a plcard

Tired of your printer collecting dust and taking up all the space on your desk? Install a retractable shelf in a closet and place the printer on it. Add two sliding drawers to store your files. And there you have it, you have a clear and tidy workspace.

14. Toy bins built into the wall

toy bins that fit in the living room wall

The toys lying around in the living room? No thanks ! With these toy bins that disappear into the wall, there are no more excuses not to tidy up! In addition, it does not take up space.

15. A living room or a bedroom? Both !

a living room that turns into a bedroom thanks to a wardrobe bed

This closet opens by sliding to make room for a bedroom. This is the revisited concept of the wardrobe bed of our grandmothers. Great for modulating space in small apartments!

16. Sliding shelves in a kitchen cupboard

telescopic wooden shelves in a cupboard to store all the dishes in the kitchen

Very practical these sliding shelves to save space in depth! It is ideal for storing all the dishes. Not to mention that the wood gives a beautiful appearance to this storage.

17. A sliding cupboard to retract trash cans

The sliding closet hides two bins

A bin for waste, a bin for sorting … All this is starting to take up a lot of space in the kitchen! Unless we have a sliding closet that hides all that.

18. A library under the stairs

a library installed under a staircase

The space under a staircase is the ideal place to install a library!

19. A small drawer hidden in a large drawer to store makeup and towels

an English drawer to store makeup

A little drawer hidden in a large drawer! Convenient to store and use your makeup!

20. Optimize the space under the window by installing a bench

a bench is placed under a window with a shelf to make a relaxation area

The space under the windows is often wasted … Unless it is transformed into a cocooning space with a bench and a small shelf.

21. A cupboard to keep cutting boards close at hand

a cupboard to store cutting boards

A custom cupboard to store cutting boards. Convenient, isn’t it? It also works with lids.

22. Storage hidden behind the tables

storage is hidden behind the paintings hung in the living room

Behind the art paintings that decorate the living room, discreet and practical storage space.

23. A spice rack behind the kitchen cupboard door

A spice rack hidden behind the cupboard door

Using the space behind cupboard doors saves space. With this shelf installed behind the cupboard door, spice jars are no longer lying around! If you don’t have a shelf, you can also use a shower shelf. Find out how here.

24. A storage column integrated into the bathroom wall

a shelf integrated into the bathroom wall

It’s pretty, practical and it saves a lot of space in the bathroom.

25. A cupboard under the stairs hidden by sliding doors

a staircase shelf placed under the stairs and hidden by sliding doors

Why go without storage space under the stairs? Just install a staircase shelf and sliding doors to protect it from dust.

26. Shelves hidden behind the mirror

a mirror that hides two retractable shelves

Behind this beautiful mirror are hidden two discreet shelves to store all the beauty products. Practical and aesthetic!

27. Wall niches for storing storage baskets

a wall niche accommodates storage baskets

Creating a reinforcement in the wall creates a storage space that does not take up space on the floor.

28. A shelf embellished with moldings to decorate the bathroom

a shelf in a bathroom wall decorated with moldings

This small shelf integrated into the wall is decorated with moldings to give a classic touch to the bathroom. It’s both practical and pretty!

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