28 Awesome Ideas To Easily Beautify Your Garden.

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Do you want to beautify your garden?

And are you looking for ideas for better landscaping your garden?

No need to look for genius ideas at Gifi!

We have selected for you 28 inexpensive decorating ideas for your garden and patio.

Design, recycling, zen, modern ideas … You will see, there is something for everyone!

And they are beautiful, easy to make and more economical at the same time. Look :

28 Awesome Ideas To Easily Beautify Your Garden.

1. Install a bar under your window

Two people are chatting next to a window sill

With the help of a simple wooden plank and brackets, a window opening onto the garden can turn into a bar at home. Just make sure your plank is at least as long or longer than the window itself.

2. Convert a shed into a dining area

A small shed transformed into a garden space for eating

An open shed turns into a fabulous dining space. To do this, just add colorful chairs, a table and some flowers.

3. Cut out scarves to make a garland of pennants

A swag scarf in a streamer

All you have to do is cut a square bandana into a triangle. Then use hot glue to secure it to a rope. Pick a color you like and repeat until you get the perfect length.

4. Choose dual-use furniture

A piece of furniture on a terrace filled with flower pot

Looks like a sober and functional piece of furniture, doesn’t it? With its traditional styling, this tiered potting table is actually an ideal storage cabinet for any outdoor space. One day, use it to water the plants, and the next day as a side dish to serve cold drinks!

5. Embellish a doormat

Doormat and flowerpot

Did you know that you can transform your doormat with just a spray of paint? The great thing about this DIY project is that you can buy inexpensive doormats and exercise until you get the result you want.

6. Make a side table with an old barrel

Side table used for the flowerpot

Flip a large bucket, trash can, or barrel (you might have one collecting dust in your garage!) And lay it on your porch to use as a small side table. Ideal for displaying flowers or placing a drink!

7. Turn a ladder into a garden

A ladder to put your flowerpot on

Not enough room to grow vegetables in your garden? Why not use a wooden ladder and some painted planks to make a raised garden? This is a great idea for turning a small area into a vegetable garden. You just have to place a few flower pots and boxes recycled into planters on top.

8. Make a brazier

A homemade brazier with cobblestones

Build a brazier by arranging the pavers in a circle. Perfect for building a fire safely and no mortar is even needed! And you don’t need more than 20 minutes to do it.

9. Hang a planter

A shoe rack to install flowers

Hang a shoe organizer on the fence palisade and grow herbs in the compartments. It’s a fun way to make a vertical garden.

10. Make a floating flower arrangement

Candles floating on water

Just before guests arrive, place floating candles and zinnias in a birdbath. Light the candles to create a magical atmosphere.

11. Invent a fairy and magical garden

A flowerpot with a little house in it

Admittedly, the “fairy dust”, it is perhaps only sparkling sequins … but do not especially say it to the children! You can also mix up imaginary worlds by creating a mermaid-themed decoration.

12. Turn a wood rake into a display

A wooden rake that holds a pot of flowers and other things

Hanging a rake near the back door of the house, it’s handy for hanging hats, dog leash and your flower bouquets!

13. Install a vertical herb garden

A wooden pallet that holds flower pots

Keep your basil close at hand with this palette. Just screw clamps on it and put pots in it. Place the pallet in front of the house, against the balcony or patio railing to have your fresh herbs nearby.

14. Make your own mosquito repellent candle

A homemade natural mosquito repellent candle

Are you looking for a nice decoration for your terrace and an effective mosquito repellent? With this homemade lemon eucalyptus candle, you have both! And it’s just as effective on a daily basis as commercial insecticides. Find out how to do it here.

15. Make a portable planter

A transformed toolbox to carry flowers

Are your succulents suffering from the sun? This vintage toolbox makes it easy to move them to a more shaded area.

16. Decorate your pavers

Three pavers with blue patterns

Make a paved path home with these stenciled painted slabs. Your lawn will thank you!

17. Shutters as a side table

Shutters reused as a support for plants

Give a second life to your old shutters by recycling them in support for plants on the terrace. Equipped with a glass top, this side table is also the ideal place to put down a pitcher of chilled lemonade.

18. Use plates to make a bird feeder

Two plates used as bird feeder

With the melamine plates, having lunch outside is easier for you and for the birds! Don’t forget to put some birdseed in it!

19. Turn a tray into a garden

A tray with grass above it

Do you remember this very simple plant? Show it off with a side table. Originally intended for serving drinks, this metal serving trolley is now overflowing with moss and succulents.

20. Use a stackable retro cart

Retro wagons stacked with drinks inside

The Radio Flyer cars from your childhood can still be used as adults. Stacked on top of each other, the wagons become a pretty modern serving table for drinks. All that’s left to do is serve the mojitos!

21. DIY your own hanging planter

Three hanging colanders with plants inside

Plant your flowers in pretty, colorful colanders. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about water drainage! Plus, just wrap a rope around the handles to make these planters quickly.

22. Build a raised vegetable garden

Wooden borders to delimit the plants

Separate the lettuce from the tomatoes with a raised vegetable patch. The advantage is that the borders keep pests away and limit weed growth. Discover the easy and inexpensive way to make a raised vegetable garden.

And if you add casters to your wooden bin, you have movable planters. Very practical!

23. Transform a terrace into a small shed

A porch transformed into a shed

Here is an idea that does not cost more than 15 €, perfect to recreate an air of vacation. Curtains hanging under the porch simulate a shelter by the pool. Ideal for lazing around!

24. Paint your tiles

A tile with several blue patterns

Create a beautiful patio by stenciling geometric shapes directly onto the floor slab. Remember to apply a suitable varnish to protect and preserve the colors.

25. Build a bird house

A little bird house

Old vintage license plates can serve as tin roofs for swallows and wrens. Just use a screw or hot glue to equip a nicely painted birdhouse with it.

26. Decorate the shutters with plants

Plants embedded in the shutters

Large shutters (old or new) can accommodate succulents and mosses. Want some advice? Put them in the shade of your home to promote their growth.

27. Make a crown of seeds that the birds will love

Bird food gathered in a wreath

Treat your neighborhood chickadees to a snack by decorating your trees with this homemade treat. Prepared in a donut mold, it hangs easily. You can also use this easy trick to make a bird feeder.

27. Plant your plants in galvanized buckets

Galvanized basins for plants

To contrast with terracotta pots, inexpensive galvanized steel basins can also serve as tubs for your plantings. In this oval basin, drill drainage holes in the bottom, and grow basil!

28. Renovate a wooden terrace

Renovated wooden bridge with several plants

Don’t be fooled! The owner of this terrace prematurely aged the wood with a vinegar-based mixture. A striped, water-resistant outdoor rug adds a decorative touch to this cozy sleeping space.

Your turn…

Have you tried one of these easy and inexpensive ideas for landscaping your garden? Tell us in the comments which one you prefer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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