26 DIY Wall Decor Ideas (Easy & Cheap).

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August 12, 2020

Walls are everywhere in the houses …

So, you might as well take the opportunity to make beautiful wall decorations!

It’s true, the way we decorate our walls reveals our lifestyle, and even part of our personality.

So don’t leave all white walls in your home! Just decorate a wall to brighten up a room.

Zen, bohemian, natural, Scandinavian, minimalist or recycled atmosphere …

…these 26 wall decor ideas are easy to do yourself and really inexpensive.

easy and cheap interior wall decoration ideas

And they can turn a simple wall into a beautiful and impressive wall.

Whether for the living room, the baby’s room, the parental room, these original ideas are sure to awaken your creativity! Look :

1. Crosses made with adhesive tape

Several signs

The tutorial here.

2. Phosphorescent stars for a child’s room

Illuminated star attached to the wall

The tutorial here.

3. Text written on the walls in a bedroom

Writing covered wall

The tutorial here.

4. A shower of golden circles in adhesive tape

Golden stains fix on the wall

The tutorial here.

5. Hearts made from sheet music

Several heart made to decorate a wall

6. Moroccan style wall stencils

Wall decorated in yellow

The tutorial here.

7. A gradient of mountains painted in a bedroom

Landscape drawn on a wall

The tutorial here.

8. Large geometric shapes made with silver tape

Several silver rhombus drawn on an all black wall

The tutorial here.

9. Photo frames in colored adhesive tape

Photos stuck to the wall

The tutorial here.

10. A table made with corks

Square attached to the wall with several corks on a wall

The tutorial here.

11. A vegetal mural

Budding writing on exterior wall

The tutorial here.

12. Colored cells made with wooden sticks

Beehive-shaped wall decoration

13. A succession of golden triangles in adhesive paper

Several golden triangle on a wall

14. A huge red mouth

Huge lips with lipstick on a wall

The tutorial here.

15. A wall decoration made with toilet paper rolls

Paper flowers on a wall

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16. A floral wall painting made with a patterned roller

White scroll with leaves as decoration on a wall

The tutorial here.

Multi-colored triangle on a wall

The tutorial here.

18. A 3D paper wall decoration for the baby’s room

Hot air balloon and cloud decoration on a wall

19. Textured painting with a broom

Purple painted wall

The tutorial here.

20. A heart made from old DVD covers

Several pictures forming a heart as decoration on a wall

21. A flight of paper butterflies

Several black butterflies on the wall for decoration

The tutorial here.

22. A multicolored board made with 500 colored pencils

Several colored pencils attached to the wall

The tutorial here.

23. A table in stretched wire


The tutorial here.

24. A painted geometric wall decoration

Several orange rectangles painted on a wall

The tutorial here.

25. White circles painted with a stencil

Several white holes made on a wall

26. Bohemian style wooden message boards

Wooden plank glued to a wall

The tutorial here.

Your turn…

Have you tried these interior wall decoration ideas? Tell us in the comments if you liked it. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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