25 Super Decorating Ideas To Easily Makeover Your Interior (Without Breaking the Bank).

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Want to change the decoration of your home?

Forget overpriced decorative items and create unique decorative items yourself to add a personal touch to your home.

Imagine how proud you will be when your guests ask you where a certain object comes from!

Not to mention that it will cost you much less!

We have selected for you 25 cheap and easy to do interior design ideas for the bedroom, living room and entrance.

Do not worry ! These DIYs are all super easy to do. A little recycling, a little imagination, a little DIY … And that’s it!

25 Great Decorating Ideas To Dress Up Your Interior Cheap And Easily.

Who would have thought that an old, shrunken sweater could be turned into a coaster? Look :

1. A beautiful star mirror

Pretty star shaped mirror

This beautiful star shaped mirror appears to be the work of a famous designer. In reality, it only cost a few euros. All you need is a round mirror and some simple string with small nails to do it. Follow the tutorial here.

2. A string vase in a seaside style

Beautiful nautical rope vase

A jute rope turns an inexpensive vase into a unique piece. It’s as easy to make as it looks: with a hot glue gun, glue the rope, wrapping it around the vase. And there you have it, a beautiful vase with a chic seaside style.

3. A chic tray with a cupboard door

A chic cupboard tray with some aperitif

A little paint and a pair of drawer pulls … and a salvaged closet door transforms into a makeshift cheese board or TV lunch tray. To do this, fill the holes in the board with wood filler and let dry. Then sand and paint the board then drill the holes to screw the handles. That’s it that’s all !

4. A decorative ladder for plaids

Blanket resting on a ladder

Because your living room will never be cozy enough, if there are not at least 3 plaids! But before you hang them on this decorative ladder, embellish your blanket by sewing pom poms on the border with heavy thread. Valérie Damidot would be proud of you!

5. A wall easel

An easel attached to the white wall

Your child’s talent for painting on walls is not necessarily a bad thing. This easel, hanging on the wall, is a great way to display your artwork … or keep your shopping list in sight. And if your Picasso ever protrudes on the walls, don’t panic. Here is a tip for erasing designs on the walls.

6. A restyled IKEA dresser

Sideboard with several golden patterns

Spruce up a simple Ikea dresser with a little paint, wallpaper and new handles. Scraps of wallpaper can also do the trick!

Paint the frame of the dresser with a gloss paint. Cut a wallpaper with pretty patterns to the desired size and paste it with wallpaper paste on the fronts of the drawers. Then screw on chic handles.

7. A side table made with books

Mini coffee table for books

Turn your dusty encyclopedias into a side table.

To make this end of the sofa, we use the peg-and-glue technique. Prepare a board that is exactly the size of the book covers. Nail it under the table top and paint the whole thing.

Drill a hole in the center of each book the size of the diameter of a large journal. Do the same under the table top in the center.

Stack the books, line up the holes and twist, like in the photo. Insert the journal into the holes. Secure the platen to the journal.

8. An old suitcase turned into a table

A suitcase holding on a mini table

These vintage suitcases bring both a retro touch to your room and clever storage. Use them to store blankets or books at the foot of the bed. Discover the tutorial here in 3 steps.

9. A cork lamp base

Cork lamp

How about a beautiful lamp where you can hang your photos and sticky notes?

To do this, cut a piece of a cork roll that fits the circumference of the lamp base and its height. Don’t forget to make a small notch on the back to pass the power cord if necessary.

Secure the cork sheet to the foot, with hot glue, smoothing down well and around the lamp foot. Cut out a circle for the top of the foot and secure it with hot glue.

10. A ribbon of pompoms on your curtains

Pom-pom toppings and several other decorations

A ribbon of pompoms gives a chic and bohemian touch to your old curtains and pillows. Another decorative tip is to paint the legs of an old chair in a nice color. Nice, no?

11. A personalized tissue box

Tissue box cover

Make a pretty tissue box to hide your disposable tissue boxes. Spread 3 coats of lacquer on the wooden lid of the box. Cut four strips of veneer 2 inches wide, one for each side of the box. Stick the strips on the box and coat the entire box with glue and let dry.

12. Beautiful waterproof placemats

Several waterproof placemats

Instead of settling for simple placemats for children that don’t match your decor, create your own with a fabric of your choice. Cut the fabric into rectangles of approximately 30 cm by 40 cm and iron them.

For each set, cut two rectangles of the same size from a sheet of vinyl. Secure them to each side of the placemat (by ironing or gluing the adhesive vinyl sheet) and trim the edges using a toothed chisel.

13. A beautiful recycled piggy bank

Empty container used to store parts

Want to teach your little ones the value of money? Make them a free piggy bank! To do this, get an empty container and rinse it well. Remove the sticker with this trick. Print your own label and secure it with tape.

14. A pillow with a pocket for the remote control

Two jeans style pillows in blue

Some call it a remote control, others a zapette. It doesn’t matter what you call it! Store it in the pocket of this pillow so you never lose it again. Plus, you don’t even need to sew! Just cut out a pocket from old jeans. Then place an iron-on tape between the pocket and the cushion cover. Go over it with an iron. Put the cover back on the cushion. There you go, you are ready to watch your game!

15. A frilly lamp

Lamp covered with white linen fabrics

Want a romantic touch in a bedroom? It’s simple. All you need is an old lamp, a glue gun, and a piece of cloth. Cut strips of fabric and fold them to make a rose. Glue the fabric flowers onto the lampshade.

16. Wool coasters

A mug with hot chocolate inside

This DIY project easily turns your torn cardigans, shrunken sweaters, or old woolen socks into coasters.

To do this, wash pure wool clothes in hot water, then dry them in the dryer as if they were jeans. Quickly, the sweaters will stretch and feel.

Then use a pencil and a large glass to draw circles on the fabric, then cut out some coasters following the lines.

17. A side table made with shutters

DIY for a side table made with recycled shutters

With this DIY, no need to paint! Rather, keep the weathered finish to make this stunning side table. These rustic shutters make an ideal base for placing a potted plant or a vase of flowers.

18. A scalloped headboard

Room with a special wooden wall

No need to embark on a complicated DIY project to have a beautiful headboard in your bedroom. Just use plywood and duct tape to create this decorative pattern. We all want to have the same headboard, don’t we? Discover the tutorial here.

19. An impression of a work of art

An artwork hanging on the wall with a frame as decoration

To dress up your bare walls, head to the photo store. Enlarge one of your favorite photos. Then add 2 wooden sticks at the top and bottom for a quick frame. Nice effect, isn’t it?

20. Salad bowls in hanging lamps

Three hanging lamps

A set of 3 salad bowls allows you to accessorize your shelf or light up the dining table thanks to this … bright idea! As a bonus: this little DIY will take you less than an hour. And it also works with colanders. Discover the tutorial here.

21. An easy and quick bench to make for the entrance

Several paintings mounted on the wall

This piece of furniture is super easy to make! Just attach these hairpin table legs to a laminated pine board. And now you have a simple and practical little corner to tie the shoes in the entrance.

22. Hand-dyed towels

Hand dyed napkins and placemats

Easily brighten up your white dishes with hand-dyed table linens. These faded shades look great on napkins and tablecloths. Follow the tutorial here.

23. Brass nails around a table

Several pins are stuck in a mini table to decorate it

Upholstery isn’t just for sofas. Drive brass upholstery nails along the edge of a table, bench or chair to create a decorative detail that will catch the eye.

24. Candle shades

Some small lamps on a table brought into wine glasses

The dinner table will shine brightly with its clever little lamps. Just put an LED candle in a wine glass and add a small shade on top. You can also cover them with colored paper for a more festive decorative effect.

25. A homemade laundry bag

Laundry bag hanging with different patterns

It’s not uncommon for delicate lingerie to get lost in a large pile of dirty laundry. With this patterned laundry bag, made of an ear cover, a ribbon and an embroidery hoop, never lose your fine lingerie. To do this, attach the pillowcase around the embroidery hoop. Tie a ribbon to the hoop’s adjustment screw and hang your lingerie bag near your laundry basket.

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