25 Great Ideas To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts (Easy & Original).

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Are you looking for original ideas to wrap your Christmas presents?

Do-it-yourself and inexpensive packaging ideas?

Fortunately, here are 25 original, creative and minimalist gift wrapping ideas.

Not only are these gift wraps beautiful, they are super easy to make and very economical.

Here is 25 easy, quick and inexpensive ideas to wrap your Christmas presents. Look :

25 Great Ideas To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts (Easy & Original).

1. Use red and white string

Gift wrapping with red and white string

A simple red and white string on kraft paper embellished with a small natural decoration … and here is a gift package with the most successful simple and natural style, ready in 1 min.

2. Add a small Christmas wreath

Gift wrapping with a budding Christmas circle

A small Christmas wreath made of fir branches and a satin white ribbon evoke all the magic of Christmas with simplicity. The tutorial here.

3. Choose subtle impressions

Gift wrapping with fine prints

No need to buy colorful and motley wrapping paper to bring the Christmas spirit to life at the foot of the tree! Simple and discreet gift wraps, string and a few fir branches are enough to be amazed. The advantage is that you can use this wrapping paper for occasions other than Christmas.

4. Draw a knot with a felt pen

Gift wrapping with blue bows in paint

This idea is just great and so original! A simple marker and kraft paper are all you need to make great wrapping for your gifts. And it works, whatever the shape of your gifts. The tutorial here.

5. Simple stripes

Three red striped gift wraps

Play the card of chic simplicity with this red striped kraft wrapping paper! A simple string and the gift is wrapped. Why make it complicated when you can make it simple?

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6. Draw on the gift wrap

White paint on several gift wrappers

What if you let your artistic soul speak? Take a white chalk pencil and draw Christmas designs or write some messages that will personalize your gift and make it unique. The tutorial here.

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7. Add a barley sugar cane

Barley sugar in gift wrap

No need to be complicated to have an original gift package! Kraft paper, a red string, a sugar cane and a fir branch … Simple, beautiful and delicious!

8. Choose two colors: red and gold

Several red gift wrappers

We put everything on red and gold! Red is the color of Santa Claus. And it goes perfectly with the walleye. Have fun choosing gift wrap in different colors and materials. And add a beautiful ribbon and especially a big bow. It’s festive, simple and chic at the same time.

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9. Add a little natural touch

Several natural gift packaging

Invite nature at the foot of the tree! It couldn’t be simpler. Kraft paper, string and a sprig of fir or holly, depending on what you find in your garden. It is very easy to do and it is also very economical. But the result is superb! The tutorial here.

10. Go for black and gold

Several gift wraps in black and gold

A gift box in black kraft paper for Christmas, you had to dare! But with a touch of gold, a fine string, a label and a vegetable sprig … it works really well. And it’s a very nice idea for a packaging. Chic and elegant … What else? The tutorial here.

11. Choose a simple pattern

Christmas tree print on several gift wrappers

Say NO to kitsch wrapping paper! Choosing a simple theme is the best way to have beautiful gift packages. Then to personalize the gifts, add a fir branch, a bell and vary the way you tie your knots. The tutorial here.

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12. Use newspaper

Gift wrapping with newspaper

Why buy gift wrap when you have newspaper? Wrapping your gifts with sheets of newspaper is trendy, economical and very successful. The tutorial here. You can even make an original gift bag with newspaper.

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13. Use decorative tape

Gift wrapping with red tape

Instead of using ribbons, string or ribbon to wrap a gift wrap, just take a pretty roll of masking tape. It’s simple, fast, economical and pretty! The tutorial here.

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14. Add a photo to the packaging

Photo on gift wrapping

Personalize your packaging with a photo of your choice. You are thus sure to have truly original and unique gift wrapping. Don’t forget to write a little note on the back of the photos. This will make an additional personalized keepsake. To take the photo, you can use instant camera like this. The tutorial here.

15. Use a kraft paper bag

Gift wrapped in a brown paper bag

A kraft paper bag advantageously replaces gift wrap. It’s original and it’s not expensive at all. And when you’re in a hurry, it’s a lot easier to wrap gifts like that. The tutorial here.

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16. Add a small Christmas tree branch

Mini fir trees on gift wrapping

Do you want to create a natural atmosphere for Christmas? So, make gift packages with a small tree. Just stick a small branch on the kraft paper wrapper. Finish by adding a small star or a little white paint. It really is a very nice idea, easy to do and economical! The tutorial here.

17. Use a stamp to write the person’s first name

Gift wrapping with first name

If you love minimalist gift wrapping, you are going to love this idea. Choose simple and natural wrapping paper, such as kraft paper and a beautiful ribbon. And personalize your package by adding the first name of the recipient of the gift with a stamp. It’s simple, original and personalized at the same time. You also save time because you don’t need to add small labels! The tutorial here.

18. Tape a small bouquet of flowers

Gift wrapping with a flowers

Give both a gift and flowers with this beautiful gift wrap. It really is an original, poetic and adorable idea that you can personalize according to the recipient of the gift. It is very easy to make and inexpensive. Did you know that flowers also have their language? This may inspire you to prepare this gift wrap. The tutorial here.

19. Hang a sprig of eucalyptus

Gift wrapping with a sprig of eucalyptus

This gift wrap embodies simplicity. If you are looking for eco-responsible gift wrapping, this idea should appeal to you. These kraft paper bags are decorated with a simple cord and a branch of eucalyptus which makes all the originality and delicacy of this packaging. In addition, this kraft paper bag is recyclable and above all reusable. The tutorial here.

20. Use the furoshiki technique

Gift wrapping with fabric

Here is an ecological and artistic packaging! Wrapping a gift with fabric is a Japanese tradition called furoshiki. It is about wrapping the gift with a fabric according to an ancestral technique. The idea is to have ecological and zero waste packaging that can be reused. The wrapping of the gift can even turn into a gift if a crusher is used. The tutorial here.

21. Use cloth bags

Gift wrapping in different bags

What to replace gift wrap? By a cloth bag! It is the ultimate zero waste gift wrap. Not only can you make these DIY fabric wraps yourself, but they are also reusable. You can store toys, socks, underwear, etc. Pretty and very practical! The tutorial here.

22. Reuse toilet paper rolls

Gift wrapping with pieces of cardboard

Even more economical and ecological, the recycling of toilet paper rolls in small gift boxes! It’s super easy to do and the result is superb. A great recycling idea to personalize to wrap small Christmas gifts! Check out the trick here.

23. Choose a solid color

Solid color gift wrap

We are used to seeing gift packages of all colors at the foot of the tree. But we have to admit that these monochrome gift packages are classy! If you want to play the card of sobriety, this is a nice easy idea to do. In addition, you can assign a color to each recipient of the gifts. The tutorial here.

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24. A little word written in chalk

Black gift wrap with chalk inscription

“Simplicity is the supreme sophistication” according to Leonardo da Vinci. We can only agree, can we?

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25. Gift packages in Christmas shapes

Gift wrapping with different shapes

If you like sewing, you will probably fall for it. Just cut out Christmas-like shapes from kraft paper and sew them together with the gift inside. Awesome isn’t it? The tutorial here.

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