25 Great Decorating Ideas With Succulents.

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Succulents are perfect for decorating because they require very little maintenance.

They have thick, waterlogged leaves and grow equally well indoors and outdoors.

The advantage of succulents and succulents is that they don’t need a lot of water.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t kill them.

Another advantage is that they spread quite easily. So no need to buy it back to hear from it.

Here is 25 great ideas to create mini gardens with succulents and decorate your home. Look :

25 awesome decorating ideas with succulent succulents

1. In a glass jar

colorful cacti in glass jars

2. As a table runner

cactus table runner

3. On the terrace

cacti planted on the terrace

4. In a hanging garden

5. In suspension

hanging succulent plant

6. In a composition

succulent plant composition with stone and glass pot

7. In dream catcher

cactus dream catcher

8. In a Japanese garden

Japanese garden with succulents

9. On a casserole dish

composition succulent plant

10. In an aquarium

cactus composition in an aquarium

11. Around the brazier

cacti planted around the brazier

12. In small colored pots

cacti in small colorful pots

13. In modern decor

modern decor with cacti

14. In small colored glasses

cactus in small colored glasses

15. In white pots

plant cacti in modern white pots

16. As a bookend

bookend cactus

17. A simple and modern decor

cactus in small golden pots

18. In a broken flower pot

multi-story garden in a broken earthen pot

19. In a planter

plant cacti in your planters

20. In a skull jar

skull pot cover

21. To decorate a staircase

decorate the stairs with cacti

22. On shelves

cactus decoration on a shelf

23. In small hanging pots

cactus hanging in front of the window

24. Vertical

vertical garden with succulent plant

25. In concrete blocks for a stepped garden

succulent plant in a two-story garden in cinder blocks

Additional advice

When choosing succulents for the garden center, make sure they have enough soil that you don’t have to worry about it over the next few months.

Not all succulents develop and flower the same.

Therefore, inquire or have the gardener help you, to find out which one meets your expectations.

Smaller varieties are great for flower beds. You just need to know what color they will bloom in to match them with your other flowers.

When the flower begins to wilt, allow it to dry on the stem to be sure you have it again.

To pamper your succulents, I recommend this very well done book.

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