25 Awesome Christmas Decorating Ideas With Pine Cones (Easy And Cheap).

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Want to decorate your home for Christmas?

No need to buy “Made in China” decoration, right?

So how about decorating the house naturally?

For that, nothing better than pine cones! They are found in quantity in this season.

Just pick them up on the ground! It doesn’t cost a round and with their beautiful tree shape they are perfect for Christmas.

With a little paint, thread and glue, you will be able to make pretty decorative objects super easily.

so here’s 21 great decorating ideas that are simple and easy to make with pine cones. Look :

1. A pretty tree

small pine cone trees for Christmas

With a few pine cones, green paint, a brush, glue, small terracotta pots and a star, you can make these beautiful little trees.

2. A homemade Christmas ball

pine cone hanging for christmas

For this pendant light, you need a floral foam ball 15 cm in diameter, a ribbon, pine cones, pine branches, small red berries and a glue gun.

3. Colorful pine cones

colored pine cones

Paint the pine cones in all colors, or in shades of color to match your interior decor.

4. A Christmas candle holder

Christmas candle holder with pine cone

For these pretty candle holders, you need artificial snow, a glass jar, 2 pine cones, lace, string, a glue gun and a candle.

For the snowy effect of pine cones, coat them with glue and roll them in artificial snow.

5. A beautiful Christmas wreath

chic and easy to make christmas wreath

Here you will need a ring for the crown, pine cones and branches, and glue.

6. Colorful pine cones to hang

christmas ball with colored pine cones

Here, simply glue small colorful or glittery pompoms under the pine seeds.

7. Little elves

DIY christmas elf with pine cones

8. A beautiful rustic tree

rustic christmas decor easy to make

Very elegant Christmas tree with a rustic style and really easy to create. Just prick the pine cones on a foam cone.

9. A Christmas ball to hang

pine cone christmas ball

10. A pine cone star

christmas star apple star diy

Make a star-shaped frame with wooden sticks and glue the pine cones on it.

11. A cute moose

christmas creation with pine cone

12. Small Christmas trees

pine cone christmas decor

Painted pine cones, glue and corks. This is all you need to make these pretty trees.

13. A fir tree with pine cone peels

pine cone diy

You must first remove the pine cone seeds one by one, then stick them on a conical support.

14. A pine cone candle holder

pine cone candle holder

Cut out the bottom of a can and glue it to the top of the painted pine cone. Then put your candles on it.

15. A suspension for the door

Christmas decorations for doors

16. A snowy bunch of pine cones

frosted pine cone bouquet

Glue your pine cones on a ball of foam at least 30 cm in diameter.

17. A garland for the fireplace

pine cone garland

18. A frame of colored pine cones

colorfully painted pine cone

19. A beautiful wreath of pine cones

red pine cone christmas wreath

A crown holder, pine cones, a spray of red paint, a big black ribbon and glue. And There you go !

20. A cute little fox

little pine cone character

21. A colorful crown

pine cone christmas wreath

22. Pine cones as Santa Claus

snowy santa claus pine cone

23. A plump Santa Claus

Christmas decoration santa claus pine cone

24. An elegant pine cone centerpiece

Christmas pine cone centerpiece

25. Pinecones in a bell

very chic Christmas decoration with glass jar and pine cone

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