22 Clever Storage For Small Bathrooms.

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The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house.

Want your bathroom to be clean and tidy?

No way there is a mess all over the furniture, towels lying on the floor or electrical appliances scattered everywhere!

Fortunately, we have selected 22 simple and brilliant ideas for you to tidy everything up, without breaking the bank.

22 simple and inexpensive storage ideas to save space in a small bathroom

You will see: with these clever and economical ideas, everything finds its place! Even in small bathrooms. Look :

1. Transform your service

Bar cart used to store towels

Your bar cart on wheels can turn into the perfect laundry shelf! Store your towels, toilet paper and hand towels in baskets on the sideboard. You can even put some toiletries on the top shelf.

2. Install magnetic boxes to store makeup

Organized adhesive storage for makeup

Stick these makeup storage boxes on the inside of your medicine cabinet door. And carefully store your pencils and makeup brushes. No more poking around in your makeup bag for hours on end to find the right shade of lipstick!

3. Hang your cleaning spray on a hook

Cleaning spray attached to an adhesive hook

Keep your multi-sage cleaning spray close at hand with this handy adhesive hook. And to make your multipurpose cleaning spray yourself, the easy recipe is here.

4. Place a column of drawers under the sink

Several storage drawers under the sink

Well labeled, this drawer organizer keeps each member of the family organized. Leave some drawers empty to use them later if needed. Or change the label when necessary.

5. Use a ladder for storage

A storage ladder used to hang towels

This storage ladder allows you to hang your towels and hang baskets to put, for example, toilet paper rolls. As it does not protrude much from the wall, it is ideal for tight spaces.

6. Store your makeup on a 360 ° rotating display

Make-up supplies on a swiveling storage organizer

With this 360 ° rotating multi-level organizer, you will save time in your beauty routine! This vertical storage also saves space on your bathroom cabinet. Store jars and sprays on the bottom shelves and brushes on top.

7. … Or put your favorite products on a tray

Cosmetics on a tray to facilitate the beauty routine next to the sink

We’ve all done it at least once: leave our favorite perfumes and products lying around on the sink, instead of putting them in the cupboard. To avoid this, keep the beauty products you use often close at hand, thanks to a small courtesy tray. It’s simple, elegant and tidy.

8. Store household products on a turntable

Cleaning products stored on a turntable for easy storage

Thanks to this turntable, your cleaning products are easily accessible. It’s much more convenient to keep your bathroom sparkling and clean (or at least clean enough).

9. Use this small wall shelf to store your electric toothbrushes

Two electric toothbrushes one beside the other neatly arranged

Say goodbye to cords and plugs lying around! Store your electronic devices – razors, electric toothbrushes and other appliances – near the power outlet on this handy little wall shelf.

10. Store towels in baskets

Bathroom with two baskets to store towels

You do not have the place to install a closet to store towels in the bathroom? It does not matter ! Fold your towels by rolling them and put them in pretty baskets under the sink. It is both aesthetic and practical.

11. Use this storage for your hair dryer and hair straightener

Some hairdressing tools neatly organized and stored in the cupboard

You never know where to store your hair dryer and straightener? Me neither ! Fortunately, I found the solution with this hairdryer holder which hangs behind the closet door. Check out the trick here.

12. Use this smart storage for toilet paper

A tidy bathroom

I bet you have little floor space in your tiny bathroom! If so, then don’t waste it on installing a vertical toilet paper dispenser. Instead, put a few rolls in a nice basket placed over the toilet bowl. Practical and aesthetic!

13. Use this little piece of furniture with plenty of storage

Storage unit with mini basket inside and several drawers

If vacuum storage or the purchase of a new vanity is not on the agenda, why not adopt this compact storage cabinet? 2 drawers and 2 baskets provide you with all the extra storage space you need. And frankly, the result is pretty cool, right?

14. Double your storage space by installing a 2nd shower bar

An additional shower bar in the shower to hang your beauty and hygiene products

Instead of cramming your shampoo and conditioner bottles on the edge of the tub, install a second shower bar. With S-hooks and small hanging shower trays, store your hygiene products, loofah sponges and bath flowers. There you go, nothing falls in the shower now!

15. Hang several shelves on top of each other

Storage shelves installed along the entire height of the bathroom wall

Create storage space where there is none by using the full height of the wall. These shelves are easy to make with few materials: boards and brackets! Economical, isn’t it?

16. Use inside cupboard doors to save space

Storage boxes attached to the inside of cupboard doors

Do not neglect the interior of the cupboard doors to save space! You can store the straightener, hair dryer and brushes within easy reach in a space-saving storage.

17. Store toiletries on a turntable

A turntable for easy access and storage of toiletries

Easily find your shampoo bottle without spilling wipes, by storing your toiletries and beauty products on a turntable. Plus, at a glance, you know what you need before you go shopping.

18. Why not test shelves upside down?

Shelves fixed upside down to the wall for storing things

Install shelves upside down. They allow you to store a whole lot of small things, like that pile of small towels. And that’s an adorable decor style, isn’t it?

19. Stick a magnetic strip on the wall

A magnetic strip used to hold beauty utensils

It’s hard to resist the urge to store hairpins and tweezers in bulk! No more excuses now with this magnetic strip that loves small objects even before you put them on the furniture!

20. Set up secret shelves

A mirror that hides a shelf to store toiletries

Surprise! This mirror is not just used to check your outfit: it also hides a storage space for toiletries.

21. Hang baskets everywhere!

Three hanging baskets for storage

Hanging baskets that are identical to each other allow you to store and hide not-so-pretty toiletries (like toilet paper!).

22. Buy additional shower attendants

Shower shelves to store toiletries under the sink

The next time you buy shower enclosures, take 3: one for the tub and two for under the sink. They are (obviously) the perfect size for storing shampoo bottles.

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