20 amazing things you can do with wooden pallets.

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May 17, 2020

Wooden pallets are used to deliver large items to stores.

But once everything has been unloaded, they throw them away without reusing them …

This is when you can collect them for free!

And there, the recuperation possibilities are endless!

With a little DIY, you can easily transform them into furniture, storage, garden accessory …

Here is 20 amazing things you can do with a wooden pallet :

20 Amazing Things You Can Do With A WOODEN PALLET.

1. A hanging planter

Several plants in a planter made in wooden pallet

2. A child’s bed

Several white pallets under a little girl's bed

3. A coffee table

Coffee table with a brown wooden pallet

4. A coat rack and storage compartment

Pallet hung on the wall for storage

5. An extra bed

Pallets under stairs

6. A sofa for the living room

Wooden pallets to make an entire living room with a large white sofa

7. A relaxation area

White pallets under pink mattress

8. A swing bed

A red swing bed made of wooden pallet

9. A corner sofa

Several pallets under a sofa

10. A pouf

Pallets under white cushions

11. A storage for plates

Small pallet hanging on the wall

12. A photo holder

Family photos hanging on a wooden pallet

13. A cat house

Two cats lying in a doghouse made of wooden pallets

14. A designer office

Wooden pallets that serve as a desk with a glass on it

15. A shelf for the bathroom

Pallets that serve as storage for varnish

16. A storage and bed for a teenager’s room

Wooden pallets for storage and bed in a boy's room

17. A waiting room

Pallets under green cushions

18. A large living room sofa

Sofa made of wooden pallet

19. Garden storage

Pallets installed in a garden as storage

20. Garden furniture

White pallets to make a white garden sofa

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