2 recipes with essential oils!

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Very often, essential oils are associated with human health. However, they can also prove useful in the garden or vegetable patch. In fact, plants also suffer from fungal diseases and they can fall prey to various pests and harmful mites (white flies or whiteflies, beetles, mealybugs, larvae of white grubs, etc.). Among these undesirable ones, one can in particular easily repel aphids with the right essence. Friend gardener, quickly discover how to fight a large aphid infestation with a recipe with essential oils. Enough to quickly forget the garden center chemicals to fight this proliferation on your beloved plants!

Two anti-aphid recipes with essential oils

Peppermint in the spotlight against these critters!

Peppermint essential oil is ideal for controlling insect pests. To do this, mix 20 drops with 3 or 4 drops of dishwashing liquid. Then gently dilute this mixture in a glass of water. In another container, prepare a clay milk. To do this, you need to add 1 teaspoon of clay to 1 liter of rainwater. Once it’s done, pour your two preparations into a sprayer to spray it on the plant.

A more sophisticated recipe with several plant essences

Other insecticidal essential oils can be used in the fight against aphids, both for the repellent effect and for treating. This includes theessential oil of garlic, officinal sage, asp lavender, rue officinale or even rose geranium for example. Here is a synergy to be done in a glass spray: 10 drops of essential oil of rose geranium, 5 drops of petit grain bigarade and 5 drops of peppermint and 20 drops of rapeseed oil (or in a pinch another vegetable oil cooking (olive oil, sunflower oil). Then add 1 liter of water and 1 to 2 drops of liquid black soap or dish soap to dilute everything. Finally, take care to shake vigorously and then spray on the plants to be treated.

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Are these aphid-fighting essential oil recipes right for you?

Essential oils contain powerful active ingredients and should not be used lightly. Very concentrated, the spray solution is therefore rather recommended for plants very affected by aphids or for eradicate a very stubborn infestation. Many repellent or treatment solutions can be considered before to switch to essential oils to treat the foliage of fruit trees or the stems of roses:

-Use of auxiliary anti-aphids insects, in particular ladybird larvae (biological control is very effective!)
-Black soap (a natural insecticide), dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap diluted in a water spray
– Nettle purin (fertilizer and preventive treatment) or fern fronds
-Decoction of garlic or wormwood
-Macerate rhubarb leaf or macerate brown tobacco

Credit: Pixabay / Hans

Also remember to eliminate ant colonies. These little insects work with the aphids and breed them to then collect their honeydew. If nothing works on your infested plantations and you no longer know how to control aphid colonies, then this remedy will save the day for you!

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