19 awesome decorating ideas with old wooden pallets.

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Are you looking for ideas to recycle old pallets?

Then you have come to the right place!

Nothing better than wooden pallets to redecorate your home without spending a fortune!

Since it’s wood, you can literally do whatever you want with it.

In addition, the shape of the pallets is an ideal base for a decoration project. Especially when it comes to recycled furniture!

Here is 19 great decorating ideas with pallets. Don’t worry, all of these projects are easy to do. Look :

19 ideas and DIY of decoration and furniture with pallets with the tutorials

1. In a rustic bench

a bench made with pallets

When it comes time to start making a piece of furniture, you can feel a little panicked! But if you’re not looking to complicate things, you can quickly and easily make a small sofa with pallets, as this tutorial shows here.

2. Ladder towel rail

Tutorial to make a towel rack with pallets

Does making a bench seem a bit complicated for your first DIY project from pallets? Do not panic ! This towel ladder is a snap to make. All you need is a few boards to have a super trendy decorative item in the bathroom. The tutorial here.

3. In wooden box

DIY pallet box storage box

If you like rustic decor, this piece of furniture is a perfect illustration. It is simple to make, but it is also very functional: it serves as both storage and bench. It can find its place in the entrance to your home or even as a bed end in a bedroom. The tutorial here.

4. In photo frames

Photo frames made of pallet wood

Decorating an empty space on a wall with personalized frames made from pallets, everyone is in the mood. Well know that there are many ways to make a photo frame to dress up your empty walls. But some are easier than others … Find out how to make this wooden pallet photo frame very easily. It’s a great idea to showcase your photos! The tutorial here.

5. In cup holder

Tutorial for storing mugs and wooden cups from pallets

This cup holder has enough room to hang your cups and mugs and store your coffee at the same time. It’s a fairly easy project that you can do over the weekend without a hitch. The tutorial here.

6. In sink shelf

Tutorial for a sink shelf made with pallet planks

Are you looking for a simple idea to make? This one is particularly so, but it is no less brilliant. Want to save storage space in the kitchen? Easy ! Build a shelf over the sink, from pallet planks. The tutorial here.

7. In indoor bench

DIY to make a bench with wooden pallet storage

Did you get your hands on simple projects with pallet wood? So move on to something more stimulating, like this bench. Even if it is a project not too complicated to achieve, in the end, he throws some! The tutorial here.

8. In a coat rack

a DIY coat rack made with pallet planks

This coat rack is super beautiful, isn’t it? This clean and rustic style is lovely. Well imagine that you can have this coat rack at home! The tutorial here.

9. In the office for the home

A simple desk made with DIY pallets

If your home office needs a little renovation, but you don’t want to spend a fortune to buy one, build it yourself. Look, this desk made with pallets is unique and charming. And he has a lot of style.

10. In wall panel with hooks

Wall rack with hooks made from pallet planks

This project is perhaps the easiest to make of this selection. But it is nonetheless full of charm. If you just want to add a little natural touch to your decor, use this board as a stand for small items. For a rustic look, masonry nails look great. The tutorial here.

11. In traffic sign

A road sign for parking bicycles made with pallet boards

Pallets are a great medium for making road signs.

12. Towel rack

A towel and tea towel rack made with pallet boards and spoons

We agree: the pallets bring a lot of charm to the interior decoration. Then it’s time to take it to the next level and add that extra touch of fantasy. Use old spoons as hooks to make a unique napkin holder that will become the highlight of your decor! Ideal for hanging towels and tea towels in the kitchen! The tutorial here.

13. On shelves

A tree shaped shelf made with pallet planks

While this shelving unit looks impressive, it’s a fairly easy project to do. If you think this shelving unit will fit well into your decor, get started! It’s a fun little craft to make. The tutorial here.

14. Storage for bottles and glasses

Wine rack made with DIY pallets

This storage for bottles and glasses is awesome, isn’t it? In any case, I would like to have one at home! The tutorial here.

15. In a coat rack and wall storage

DIY coat rack and wall storage made with a pallet

Finally, an original coat rack! This coat rack takes up little space and in addition, you can even store the gloves. This is a great option if you are looking for a minimalist project that is easy to DIY. The tutorial here.

16. In green wall

Tutorial for green walls made with a pallet

Growing houseplants or fresh herbs on a large section of a wall is a trendy new way to add greenery to your decor. It brings a rustic touch to a home in a unique and charming way. And it’s a great way to renew your interior decoration. The tutorial here.

17. In a child’s bed

A child's bed made with pallets

If you have a toddler, this pallet bed is a great DIY project for them to make. The bed is quite easy to make and it only takes 2 pallets. Your children will love the warm rustic atmosphere of their room. The tutorial here.

18. In vertical blinds

Vertical blinds made with pallet boards

Vertical pallet wood blinds bring a touch of rustic decor to your interior. And it’s a great way to have more privacy in your home. The project is relatively easy to do. The tutorial here.

19. In wall mount

Rustic storage wall rack fit with wooden pallets

All you need to create this rustic wall rack is 2 wooden planks of pallets and mooring cleats. Of course, you can use any other style of hooks. But it is important to keep this vintage aspect for your interior decoration to be successful. The tutorial here.

Did you like all these ideas for making furniture and objects with pallets? So discover this beautiful practical book to make lots of easy creations with palettes.

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