18 SUPER EASY Halloween Decorations to Make.

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Halloween is coming …

Now is the time to decorate your homes so that the spirit of Halloween will come over you too.

No need to splurge and break the bank by buying overpriced decor in stores.

A little recycling, a little imagination and you will be able to make your house terrifying for 3 times nothing.

easy Halloween decorating ideas

Discover 18 spooky and easy to make Halloween decorations now:

1. A Halloween garland

a halloween garland

A few sheets of black paper, chalk, string and staples and you’re done! You just have to cut triangles out of a black sheet and then fix them on a string. Then it’s up to you to mark the message you want on the flags, using chalk.

2. Scary Halloween jars

mummy jars for halloween

painted jars for halloween

Before you put your glass jars for recycling, spell them out. A little paint, strips and tea lights … You’ve just created a terrifying atmosphere!

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3. Invite some skeleton friends!

skeletons sitting in the garden for halloween

skeletons hanging from the facade

Just place one or more skeletons in your garden to create an eerie atmosphere. In addition, you can reuse them next year in other positions 🙂

4. Enter if you dare …

doors decorated as monsters

Only the bravest will be rewarded! A few sheets of colored paper, crepe paper. And your home is not that welcoming anymore! Remember to use Patafix to avoid damaging the paints.

5. An invasion of bats.

make paper bats to hang

Print out the shape of a bat. Cut it out. Paint it black. And start again! Stick them everywhere at home with a little piece of Patafix.

6. A string of ghost balloons

glowing ghost balloons

Before inflating your balloon, break a fluorescent bracelet and put it inside the balloon. Inflate the balloon. Use helium gas if you have it. Or inflate your balloons easily with our trick. Don’t forget to give them big eyes with the marker.

7. Spiders to … chew on

spider-shaped donuts

Grab some chocolate mini donuts and salty pretzels for the aperitif. Cut the pretzels in half to make the legs of the spider. Add two candies to make the eyes. You can make them hold with a touch of melted chocolate. There you go, you have a terrifying super decor AND a delicious snack.

8. A garland of ghosts and cats

a garland for halloween to make yourself

You certainly have a light garland that is usually used to decorate the Christmas tree? Perfect ! Cut out shapes of cats and ghosts from black and white sheets. Make eyes on them while cutting out the paper. The trick is to space the eye holes so that the small bulbs can be inserted.

9. A giant spider!

a giant aragnée to make yourself for halloween

An old can and large black duct tape, a few foam fries for swimming will be enough for you to make a horrible giant spider that will watch over your home.

10. A candlestick that flies in the air

halloween decoration with paper towel rolls

Do not throw away used paper towels any more. You can recycle them to make a floating candlestick. In addition, you will need thick glue, white paint, a tube of glue and small LED lights.

11. Spirit, are you there?

spirit lamps for halloween

Take empty milk cans or bottles. With a marker, draw eyes and a mouth. You just need to put an LED tealight lamp inside to have a family of spirits!

12. Scary little lights

halloween lights

Same principle as with milk bottles. We decorate plastic glasses with a felt tip pen. And we put a small LED warming light underneath.

13. A mummified door!

a mummy door

A roll of adhesive tape (painting tape will do just fine), two glued eyes and voila, the result is striking …

14. Scary appliques

masks to make appliques

Just place these masks on your usual wall lights and a terrifying atmosphere invades your room.

15. You are being observed …

eyes shining at night

Collect empty toilet paper rolls. Cut out shapes to make eyes. Place fluorescent bracelets inside. There you go … we’re watching you at night.

16. Bats on your lamps

An illuminated lamp with bat shadows

Cut out bats from black paper and glue them inside your lampshades. No one will see them until you turn them on.

17. An invasion of mice

Mouse shapes made of paper hanging on the stairs

Cut out mouse shapes from slightly thick black paper. Place them all over your entryway. Even your cat will be fooled 😉

18. A spider attack

a plastic spider attack for Halloween

If you are arachnophobic, go your way! Spiders are invading your home. To achieve this striking effect, simply attach plastic spiders to your doors and your home will become utterly inhospitable!

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