18 Clothes Racks To Dry Your Laundry Faster (And Save Money).

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Nothing worse than a tumble dryer to increase your electricity bill!

It is the device that consumes the most in the house!

It’s an energy chasm …

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to drying your laundry for free, both indoors and outdoors.

I named the clothes horse of course! But which model to choose?

A wall, balcony or ceiling clothes line? Or a clothesline with poles, pulleys or retractable rope?

To help you find the best solution, here is 18 drying racks to dry your laundry faster and save money. Look :

18 Clothes Racks To Dry Your Laundry Faster (And Save Money).

1. A clothes horse along the terrace

Clotheslines on the balustrade of a wooden terrace above a garden.

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful raised wooden deck?

If this is the case, know that you can transform the balustrades of your terrace into a large clothes horse, and for really cheap!

It’s easy: just attach metal brackets like these to the outside of the railing.

Then pass and stretch the clothesline between the supports.

There you go, now you have a perfect (and practical) place to dry your clothes in the sun!

2. An “umbrella” clothes line

A woman drying clothes in the sun in the garden with a clothes line "umbrella".

The umbrella clothes line is a classic. And for good reason, because its design is particularly ingenious.

If you want to dry a lot of laundry at once, without your drying rack taking up a lot of space when not in use, this is the perfect solution.

Convenient, this type of clothesline folds and unfolds like a large inverted umbrella, saving space when not in use.

And even no need to move the laundry basket!

Indeed, the clothes line is also rotating. Its arms turn easily, even when loaded with wet laundry. Click here to find out.

3. A wall-mounted clothes rack

A man drying clothes in the garden on a wooden wall mounted clothes line.

Maybe there is a wall in your garden with good sun exposure?

So, take advantage of all these shelves to dry your laundry.

All you need to do is attach large wooden cleats to the wall to make a large wall-mounted clothes line.

It is also a good solution to save space, especially if your garden is not large enough to accommodate a clothesline or a clothesline with poles.

4. A clothesline with pulleys

Pulleys on a wooden pole for hanging clotheslines.

Building your own clothesline the old-fashioned way doesn’t have to be complicated.

Especially if you have a great tutorial that shows you how, like this one.

Thanks to its ingenious pulley system for clothesline, hanging and unhooking your laundry is even faster and easier!

5. A wall-mounted clothes rack for the interior

A wooden wall-mounted clothes rack that folds and unfolds easily to dry clothes.

Do you live in a small apartment or a house with a very small garden, or even without a garden?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered too!

For example, you can build this awesome and ingenious wall drying rack.

The wooden clothes rack folds out easily to dry clothes in your laundry room, or elsewhere in the house.

And when you’re done, simply fold it flat on the wall. Neither seen nor known ! The tutorial is here.

6. A drying rack for gardening gloves

A homemade clothes horse for storing and drying gardening gloves.

Here is a homemade clothes horse for drying small items outside, like gardening gloves.

In addition, this little project is super-simple to achieve: all you need to do is attach a few pieces of string to a board.

A small panel to decorate the whole thing, and you get a clothes horse to hang your gardening gloves with clothespins.

7. A clothesline on a garden trellis

Clotheslines hung on wooden trellises in a garden for drying clothes.

Who said you can’t garden and dry your laundry at the same time?

Well, take a look: thanks to this awesome clothesline idea it is possible!

You just need to install 2 very strong posts with wooden trellises in your garden.

Then pass the clothesline between the 2 trellises, and you’re done!

And to finish, take advantage of this pretty trellis to climb your favorite flowers and plants.

Now hanging or folding your laundry will be much more pleasant.

8. A clothes horse for small spaces

A cotton clothesline with a metal tensioner, in front of a wooden fence.

Using a clothesline tensioner is another effective solution for those who have limited space in their garden.

Just hang 2 hooks on either side of your garden (on a fence and a wall, for example).

The rest is as easy as pie: get a metal turnbuckle like this and some cotton rope.

Easy to use thanks to its spring and a ball bearing, the tensioner will allow you to stretch your clothesline like a bow, in a jiffy.

And when you need space, the rope can be unhooked as easily as it is stretched.

Really a great idea for people with a small garden! The tutorial is here.

9. A clothes horse hanging on the fence

A clothes line attached to a wooden fence in a garden to dry clothes in the sun.

Do you have a wooden fence in your garden?

So, take the opportunity to build a clothesline wall rack on one side of the fence, preferably with good sun exposure.

In addition, it is not very complicated! First, attach 2 wooden brackets to the fence posts.

Then consolidate the whole with metal bars, as in the photo above.

There you go, run the clothesline through the wooden rack, and you’re ready to dry your laundry in the sun.

10. An old box spring recycled as a clothes line

A recycled metal box spring as a ceiling drying rack in a laundry room for drying laundry.

Here is a great recycling idea to make a ceiling clothes rack by recycling a small box spring bed for children.

You just need to paint the box spring in the color of your choice.

Then, attach the box spring to the ceiling of your laundry room or bathroom, with hooks and chains.

And there you have it, you have a perfect place to hang your clothes on hangers. Discover the tutorial here.

11. A “classic” clothesline

A clothesline stretched between 2 fences in a garden to dry clothes.

Here is the classic clothesline: it couldn’t be simpler!

Easy to install, just attach 2 hooks on either side of your garden, to posts or on a fence, for example.

When you have laundry to dry, stretch a cotton cord between the hooks.

And when you don’t need it anymore, all you have to do is untie the rope. Nothing easier ! Discover the tutorial here.

12. An “invisible” clothesline

A clothesline attached to the kitchen window to dry clothes.

Most condominium regulations prohibit clotheslines.

The solution ? This “invisible” clothesline.

Hidden in front of the kitchen window between 2 planters, it allows the laundry to be dried discreetly.

A great idea! Discover the tutorial here.

13. A decorative clothes line

An old fashioned white painted clothesline with carved wood in a garden to dry sheets.

As you can see in the photo above, a simple coat of white paint on the posts is enough to spruce up your clothesline.

For an old style, add pretty carved wooden brackets, also painted white.

And there you have it, you’ve transformed your simple wooden poles into an authentic old-fashioned clothesline. Discover the tutorial here.

14. A clothes rack with a small bench

A wooden clothesline pole with a bench in a garden.

Here is a very unique style of pole, while remaining true to the traditional design of the clothesline.

There are 2 solid poles in raw wood, between which the rope has been stretched.

Except this time, we had the idea of ​​adding a bench!

It’s the perfect place to put your basket when hanging out or folding your clean laundry.

Or, this bench can also be used as a relaxation area in your garden or to put a potted plant.

15. A retractable drying rack

A woman uses a retractable drying rack that stores upright in a garden.

Here is one of the most original clothes lines.

We find the 2 solid posts there, but this time with a frame that can be stored vertically.

When you are ready to hang out your laundry, simply unfold the frame to a horizontal position.

Thus, the clothes line can be folded and unfolded according to your needs, saving significant space. Click here to find out.

16. A clothesline with pulleys

A clothesline with pulley in a garden for drying clothes in the sun.

When I lived in a house in the countryside, I had 2 types of clothesline… it was the great luxury!

The first was a simple clothesline stretched between two poles.

And the other was a clothesline with pulleys: a much easier model to use.

Indeed, even more need to move. We pull on the rope and the laundry comes to you!

It interests you ? Thanks to this tutorial, you can also dry your clothes on a clothesline with pulleys.

17. A beautiful “traditional” clothes horse

A clothesline pole with a hanging flowerpot in a garden.

A wooden clothesline pole with a basket, in a garden.

Here is a beautiful clothes rack with a classic design.

It was made in the old fashioned way: 2 T-shaped wooden posts are first planted in the ground.

Then, the washing line is passed and well stretched between the posts.

And finally, the little extra touch …

The 2 posts have a large hook to hang a pretty flowerpot on one side, and a laundry basket on the other.

Nice, isn’t it? Discover the tutorial here.

18. A rustic ceiling clothes rack

A wooden ceiling drying rack for drying clothes.

This ceiling clothes rack is a great idea for those who have a laundry room in their home.

First choose a nice wooden beam on the ceiling, preferably with bark, for a more rustic effect.

Then hang a simple clothes rack from the ceiling with pulleys, like this one.

The result is a drying rack that is easy to use and saves you lots of space!

18 awesome drying rack and clothesline ideas to dry clothes faster.

Your turn…

Have you tried these awesome clothesline and drying rack ideas? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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