18 Amazing Ideas To Save Space In A Small Apartment.

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September 19, 2020

Do you have a small apartment?

And are you looking for tips to save space easily?

Then you have come to the right place!

It’s not only in houses that there is a lack of space …

In apartments, it’s even worse, especially when you live with children …

Fortunately, here is 18 incredible ideas to easily save space in a small apartment. Look :

18 Amazing Ideas To Save Space In A Small Apartment.

1. This bunk bed to keep your privacy and save space

Modern bunk bed

2. This desk with an integrated sitting area

A desk and a lounge area

3. This desk that also doubles as a dressing table

A desk that opens to make a dressing table and save space in the bedroom

4. This Murphy bed to double the space in the bedroom

Vertical space to double the bedroom

5. Or this wall bed to save space easily

A white Murphy bed

You can find this type of bed here for example.

6. And if height is an issue, here are retractable bunk beds

Some retractable bunk beds

7. This false floor for an invisible storage space

False floor for invisible storage space

8. This storage for toys or shoes under a resting area

Children's toys stored under a sofa

9. This bedside table with plenty of storage

Bedside table with custom sliding accessories

10. Or instead of a bedside table, put a simple floating shelf

Floating side shelf next to the bed

11. This bathroom mirror with side storage

Bathroom mirror is a perfect way to get hold of extra items

12. This retractable dining table in a sideboard

Folding and minimalist dining table

13. This storage for jars on the side of a cabinet

Different spices arranged in empty spaces

14. The sides of the cabinets are perfect for making a cleaning area

The end of the cabinet is ideal for hanging household items

15. This retractable desk is hidden in a corner

A desk corner for working on the computer on a wooden table

16. This shelf above the WC to create practical storage

Shelf above the toilet for stacking toiletries

17. This sink above the toilet

A sink above the toilet to save space

18. This sink above the tub for small bathrooms

Tub-mounted sink for compact bathrooms

Bonus: this rising shelf to store books and the Internet box

Zig zag wall

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