17 Genius Tips To Save Space In A Small Kitchen.

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In a small kitchen, every centimeter counts!

Yes, not everyone can afford a spacious kitchen …

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective tips to save space easily – even in a small kitchen.

Here is 17 genius tips to save space in a small kitchen. Look :

17 Genius Tips To Save Space In A Small Kitchen.

1. Use metal shelves to double your storage space

Tip for transforming one shelf into two

By adding metal shelves like these to your closets, you literally double your storage space. This way you have even more space to store all your dishes.

2. Make like in the supermarket

The trick to not spoiling anything is to put new products in front of

Turn your pantry into a supermarket by following the “first in, first out” rule. In other words, place the boxes and the food that you have just bought behind those that are already open. It avoids the mess! Also use wooden bins on casters, labels and clear Tupperware to keep everything organized.

3. Use tea bag storage

Tip for storing tea bags

If you like to mix the flavors of your tea throughout the day (good idea!) Then you probably have a drawer full of tins and tea bags. Save space and keep your tea bags tidy with this tea organizer.

4. Add “drawers” to deep cabinets

Tip with storage boxes in the cabinets

Store your table linens – placemats, napkins or even the table runner you only use at Christmas – in plastic boxes. Plus, since they pull out easily and are open at the top, you don’t have to search very long for what you need.

5. Store your stoves vertically

Tip for storing pots and pans vertically to save space

Even if we try to keep pots and pans tidy, they are always a mess. And it makes a lot of noise when you take them out. Store your stoves vertically. And stack molds, cutting boards, lids and baking sheets horizontally to save space.

6. Use removable bins in a deep drawer to store your fruits and vegetables

Use bins in a drawer to store your fruits and vegetables

Use removable bins in a deep drawer to store your fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated. You avoid having them on the counter in a basket.

7. Use a magnetic bar to store your knives

Tip for storing your knives organized on a magnetic strip

Although it looks great pro, the knife blocks take up too much space on the counter. Instead, store knives and metal kitchen utensils on a magnetic strip on your wall to save space.

8. Store your pots and utensils right above your stove.

Tip for storing pots and utensils always at hand

When you store your pots and utensils on top of your stove, everything you need is always close at hand.

9. Use a sliding shelf to save space

Tip for storing canned food between the wall and the refrigerator

The small space between your fridge and the wall is the perfect place to store preserves and your spices.

10. Use a kitchen island with storage

Tips for storing kitchen books and accessories in a medium island

Seen from the front, this piece of furniture looks like a normal island – but when viewed from the rear, it’s plenty of storage space to fit whatever you want.

11. Use metal baskets to store bottles above your cupboards

Tip with iron basket to store bottles

Metal baskets are ideal for storing bottles on your wall cupboards and thus save space.

12. Save space around your sink

Tip for storing sponges and scrapers

Organize your sponges by placing them in desk organizers hanging on the side of cupboards (a space that is always underused).

13. Hang glass jars under the shelves

Tip for saving space when hanging glass jars under a shelf

Your shelves actually have two perfect surfaces for storing all the kitchen mess. Put tin cans on top and hang glass jars below. You can put nuts, seeds or spices for example.

14. Use the forgotten spaces on the sides of your cupboards

Tip for storing in forgotten spaces in the kitchen

Like the side of your low kitchen furniture. It’s the perfect place to hang heavy, bulky items that are boring to store – like colanders or cutting boards.

15. Use a corner bench to save space

Tip to save space in the kitchen with a bench instead of chairs

A corner bench takes up much less space than chairs and in addition, you can put storage underneath.

16. Use your closet doors to hang your kitchen utensils

Tip using cabinet doors for storage

Hang your most frequently used kitchen utensils behind the cupboard door, instead of cramming them into an already full drawer.

17. Use sloped storage under the sink

Sloped storage for sponges under the sink

Do you have false drawer fronts under your sink? Why not install a storage for your sponges and dishwashing products?

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