17 Clever Ways to Use Storage Cubes.

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Do you know the storage cubes?

Right now everyone has them at home!

It is true that they are perfect for having a tidy and organized house.

They adapt to any room and you can store whatever you want in them!

The best part is that this piece of furniture does really cheap and in addition, it has a very modern design.

You can easily find it in all decoration stores like IKEA, Castorama or Leroy Merlin.

Here is 17 clever ways to tidy up your home with storage cubes. Look :

Ikea Storage Cube: 17 DIY Ways To Use Them On Walls, Kitchen And Kid's Room.

1. In a designer bar

modern white bar made with a cube shelf

The KALLAX storage cube from IKEA is a great way to arrange a bar in your living room. It allows you to easily store bottles and glasses. If you are worried that too much dust will be seen on white or black lacquer, you can use this natural dust remover. You tell me the news.

2. In a dollhouse

easy to make dollhouse in a cube shelf

Each compartment becomes a part of the dollhouse. You just have to arrange and decorate them. You can use wrapping paper to make wallpaper, for example. Easy and really cheap, isn’t it?

3. As a multifunction worktable

blue workbench made with ikea cubes

The KALLAX cabinet from IKEA is truly magical. We can use it in all ways! With a few wooden planks, casters, screws and a screwdriver, you can make this beautiful, ultra-practical workbench. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it is much cheaper than the tables in the trade. Check out the trick here.

4. As a nightstand

white cube to make a nightstand in a bedroom

Perfect for making a nightstand and storing all your small things. Choose storage cubes of the height you want and with the number of storage you want.

5. As a night table with drawers

nightstand with white cubes for the bedroom

If you want to store your things without them being visible, you can use metal or fabric baskets as drawers.

6. In storage for the playroom

children's playroom storage cabinet

With two storage cubes and a column, you can create this storage space with a bench. Ideal in a playroom or why not in a nursery class.

7. In a home-made changing table

changing table with cube cabinet

What could be better than having everything close at hand when changing Baby? With these cubes, you can store pajamas, diapers and products in each of the compartments. Really convenient, right?

8. In bed bridge

bridge made with storage cubes

By choosing elements of different shapes, you can create a beautiful modern and very practical bridge.

9. As a wall shelf for the children’s room

colorful shelf for nursery

By layering several storage cubes, you can create a wall shelf for the children’s room. By decorating each compartment with a colored bin, you will give a colorful touch to the room! And it’s really handy for storing toys.

10. Storage for clothes and accessories

clothes storage cabinet with cubes

It’s hard to put everything in your drawers … So much so that you never find what you want. But with storage cubes, no more worries! Just make piles of clothes and put them in an open wardrobe. In addition, on the top you can store your bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.

11. At home office

diy desk with white cubes

By using two blocks of storage cubes as desk legs and a pretty board, you can create your designer home office. Not only is it much cheaper than buying a desk, but you also gain additional storage on each side.

12. Ample storage space

large white bookcase with cubes

With several IKEA storage cubes, you can create a large storage space against the wall. Pack books, family photos and all your little knick-knacks. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s very economical.

13. In TV cabinet

TV cabinet with white cubes

To make this TV stand, just lay the cubes on their side to put your TV on. Each compartment can accommodate your DVDs and electronic devices such as game consoles. You can even put a basket there so that your “little mess” is not visible. Much more economical than buying a TV cabinet and just as stylish!

14. In a giant library

black shelving unit to separate two rooms

If you have a nice high ceiling, why not create a large bookcase? Secure the furniture to each other and also to the floor and ceiling so that it holds together well.

15. In kitchen furniture

concrete style kitchen cabinet with storage

These storage cubes fit perfectly into the kitchen. Choose the right color and store your glasses, plates and dishes easily. They will be accessible at all times to easily prepare meals.

16. In bathroom furniture

black cube bathroom cabinet

If you don’t have a closet in the bathroom, consider storage cubes! With the help of baskets, you can store everything without any problem. And even let your guests know where everything is.

17. In furniture for the laundry room

laundry room cabinet with diy storage

With a set of cubes and a worktop, you can easily create a piece of furniture for the laundry room. You will store all your products for the machine and your small accessories. Your room will be stored perfectly.

Your turn…

Know other ways to use storage cubes to organize everything around the house? Share them in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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