17 Awesome Ideas To Hang Your Photos At Home (Easy & Cheap).

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Travel photos, memories of a great time with family, photos of friends …

So many pretty pictures that we want to hang on the walls to see them every day.

Are you looking for clever ideas to hang your photos without breaking the bank?

It is true that putting photos in simple photo frames is not very original!

Here is 17 original and inexpensive ideas to hang your photos at home. Look :

17 Awesome Ideas To Hang Your Photos At Home (Easy & Cheap).

1. On a world map

wire world map to hang your photos

If you want to display your memories of trips around the world, here is an idea that should inspire you. To do this, draw a stylized world map with a pretty thread. Then, hang your photos on the appropriate area with a nice clip that you can customize.

2. On copper wire

photo frame with copper wire

You can personalize a simple photo frame and turn it into a lovely stand to display your photos. Remove the back of the frame and the glass, then take some copper wire that you will staple around the edges at the back of the frame. Create a random pattern and use clothespins to display your photos on it. I find this ultra modern frame with trendy colors.

3. On string

Decorative photo frame with string

Here’s a pretty similar idea, but this time with string rather than wire. You can glue the ends of the string to the back of the frame. Then hang your photos on these wires.

4. On small wooden slabs

how to hang pictures in an original way

Want to use your Instagram photos to decorate your home? Select the correct photos and print them. Then glue them on a small white wooden support a little bigger than the photo. This will create a very nice “polaroid” effect. Then hang the small wooden plates on the wall using Velcro tape. Find the tutorial in English here.

5. On wooden washers

Photo frame with wood and string

Here is a very “natural” design with small wooden slices and string. Make as many rows and columns as you want.

6. On a tree branch

display your photos in an original way with wood

You can do the same with a simple tree branch painted in any color you want. Attach it to the wall and use string to display the photos. It is even more stylish if you put black and white photos.

7. On a rope with large knots

nice decor with photos

The string + clothespins combination is really ideal for displaying your photos. And we can imagine a host of designs, each more creative than the next. As here for example with big knots that hide the wall hooks where the strings are attached.

8. On a beautiful blackboard

original photo frame with blackboard

You can also use an old blackboard to display your photos. It avoids hanging the photos directly on the wall, or drilling it to put hooks.

9. On a wooden pallet

original photo and decorative palette

Yes, wooden pallets can also be used to hang your photos! Perfect for a party, a wedding to exhibit your photos. Or simply to decorate a space in your home. Use mini hooks and string and feel free to add your personal touch!

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10. On a mobile

Beautiful photos hanging on a mobile

11. On notepads

hang photo on wooden stand

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12. On a wooden support

Photos hung on Japanese-style wooden stands

13. On a light garland

Beautiful family photos hanging on a light garland

You can find this fairy lights here.

14. On simple wooden planks

Black and white family photos hanging on a piece of wood

15. On a grid

Beautiful vacation photos hanging on a rack

16. On a fabric thread with clothespins

Photos hanging on a fabric thread with clothespins

17. On the wall directly

Photos hanging on the wall in the shape of life


Pictures hanging on the wall in the shape of a heart

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to hang your photos in an original way? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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