17 Awesome Ideas For Reuse Plastic Bottles.

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May 06, 2019

Anyone who is a little respectful of the environment knows how important it is to recycle their waste as much as possible.

When you are done with a plastic bottle, don’t throw it away. What to do with a plastic bottle? But use it to do something creative!

Of course, you can just put it in the recycling bin. But why not let your creative spirit do the talking?

It’s not too hard to do something new with your old plastic bottles. You just have to customize it!

Plus, it’s a fun way to save some cash by crafting something you need.

Take a look at these creative ideas for reusing plastic bottles. With your scissors and your tubes of glue, and let your creativity run free to recycle your plastic bottles!

1. In storage boxes with zipper

recycle a plastic bottle in a box with closure

2. In stars to decorate your Christmas tree

recycle bottle to decorate christmas tree

3. In storage boxes

make pencil holder with plastic bottle

4. In pots for planting herbs

make herbal pot recycled bottle

5. As an adorable fancy piggy bank

make moneybox easily with recycled bottle

6. In a great hanging garden

create a hanging garden with a recycled bottle

7. Homemade greenhouse

how to make greenhouse for garden with recycled bottle

8. In a pouf filled with plastic bottles

how to make ottoman stool with recycled bottle

9. In colorful decoration for a fence

make colorful decoration with recycled plastic bottle

10. Baroque curtain to separate a room

make baroque curtain with recycled bottle

11. In a beautiful lampshade

make lampshade with recycled bottle

12. In multicolored curtain made of bottle caps

make a fly curtain with a plastic bottle cap

13. In rainbow awning

make haut-vent-store with recycled bottle

Fill the bottom of the bottles with colored water to achieve the rainbow effect

14. In solar bulb

make solar bulb with recycled plastic bottle

Fill a bottle with water and poke a hole in the roof. Position the bottle so that it protrudes halfway into the room. The sun will reflect in the water and enter the room directly.

15. As a seed distributor for birds

make bird seed dispenser with recycled bottle

16. As a “love apple”

make an apple-shaped box with a recycled bottle

17. In funny flowerpots for children

recycle a funny jar bottle for kindergarten

There you go, with these easy DIYs, you know how to reuse your empty plastic bottles.

Your turn…

Do not hesitate to leave a comment to tell us what you have created or achieved with these tips.

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