15 Great Ideas To Save Space and Be Better Organized.

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Having a laundry room at home is very practical.

But not everyone has the place to have a large laundry room.

When we have one, it is often very small and there is a lack of space to store the laundry …

Do you also not have enough room at home to store everything in your laundry room?

Fortunately, we have selected the best tips for you to optimize laundry room space.

Here is 15 great ideas to save space and be better organized in your laundry room. Look :

Laundry Room: 15 Great Ideas To Save Space and Be Better Organized.

1. The dryer on the washing machine

Laundry room with a tumble dryer and a washing machine one above the other

Putting the dryer on the washing machine saves a lot of space. Suddenly, you can even install shelves on the side. And that is super practical for storing laundry. The tutorial here.

2. A shelf above the machines

Laundry room equipped with curtains

Are your machines side by side? No problem ! Just add a plank on top to save space. Super practical for folding laundry for example! One wonders why we didn’t think of it sooner, don’t we? The tutorial here.

3. A turntable to save space

Different household products

Use a turntable to store your laundry, fabric softener, softening wipes. You just have to put it on the dryer and everything is tidy.

4. A sliding door to hide the machines

Laundry room with a large blue sliding door that serves as a closure

Rather than putting traditional cupboard doors, install sliding doors in the style of those found in barns. It gives a clean look and access to both machines is easy. Superb, isn’t it?

5. Small baskets hanging on the wall

Storage space for various household products

Hang narrow storage baskets on the side to store laundry and all other laundry items. Clever, isn’t it?

6. A folding clothesline

Structure that keeps clothes dry

This kind of wall-mounted folding clothesline is super practical. It allows you to hang out a lot of laundry without taking up a lot of space. It’s a win-win!

7. Shelves under the washing machine

Laundry room with tumble dryer and washing machine next to each other

Just add shelves under the washer and dryer to fit all your laundry baskets. Bonus: no need to bend down to get clothes out of the dryer! Your back says thank you!

8. A clothes dryer above the machines

Two drawers that optimize space in a laundry room

Install a hidden clothes dryer above the machines. Really great idea for small spaces, don’t you think? The tutorial here.

9. Shelves between the cupboards

Several cupboards above the machines in a laundry room

Here we added shelves between the cupboards and found a narrow laundry basket to slide between the dryer and the washing machine to use all the available space. We do not lose space like this! Really smart!

10. A drawer to put the bag of dirty laundry

Laundry basket in laundry room

This sliding space for folding laundry is really clever. In addition, everything is tidy in cupboards and drawers, which gives a tidy and rational appearance. The tutorial here.

11. A shelf above the machines

Several white cupboard in a laundry room

Even if you don’t really need the extra storage space, a shelf above the machines is useful for adding a nice decorative touch. Even the laundry room has the right to be pretty and well decorated! The tutorial here.

12. A trash can attached to the wall

Small object attached to the wall in the laundry room

If your laundry room is not near a garbage can, put one on the wall to throw in wipes and other trash. It is then sufficient to empty it when it is full. It’s much more convenient than running down the hall in the middle of the laundry. The tutorial here.

13. A shower bar to hang the hangers

A shower curtain rod to hang the counters above the washing machine

A shower bar between two closets makes it easy to hang hangers for hanging clothes easily.

14. A drying rack above the washing machine

Entire closet optimized to install a laundry room

What could be more practical than a drying rack directly above the washing machine? In addition, the entire laundry room is hidden behind a folding door. The tutorial here.

15. Storage behind the door

Storage baskets hanging behind the closet door

You absolutely have to use the precious space behind the cupboard doors. Hang an organizer or hang storage baskets for laundry supplies. It is a considerable space saving!

Laundry Room: 15 Great Ideas To Save Space and Be Better Organized.

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