15 Great Dressing Ideas For A Small Apartment.

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Having a walk-in closet, many of us dream of it!

But when you have little space, it’s difficult to install a walk-in closet …

Fortunately, with good ideas, it is quite possible to have a walk-in closet …

Even in a small apartment!

Small or large dressing room, U-shaped, open or closed, corner dressing room, low or high …

The walk-in closet saves considerable space for storing clothes and shoes.

We have selected for you 15 great cheap dressing ideas for a small apartment. Look :

15 inexpensive dressing ideas for a small apartment

And no need to break the bank in a luxury dressing room at Lapeyre, Ikea, Alinéa, Conforama, But, Leclerc, C Discount, Castorama, Bricomarché, B&M, Leroy Merlin, Brico-Dépôt …

1. A dressing room in an existing closet

A small dressing room installed in a large closet

If you have a large closet, you have a walk-in closet. All you need is some ingenious storage to optimize your closet.

Racks for clothes, bins for covers, boxes for shoes …. Even Marie Kondo will be jealous.

You can even optimize the space even further by using the closet doors to put coat racks for your clothes or jewelry.

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2. A dressing room with small furniture

A dressing room made with small pieces of furniture

Here is a completely modular open walk-in closet that is really inexpensive.

A metal shelf, a small table, one or two hanging shelves, a mirror and an armchair …

And here you are with a fully personalized dressing room with a modern and young style. Perfect for a girl’s room!

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3. A walk-in closet as a headboard

A walk-in closet that also doubles as a headboard and room divider

When you don’t have a lot of space, every space saving counts.

And here, the genius idea is to use an open wardrobe to make a head and a dressing room.

A reclaimed piece of furniture, two in one, is practical, smart and economical.

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4. A built-in dressing room in a niche

A small red dressing room installed in the niche of a wall of a small apartment

To save space in a small apartment, you have to use the smallest space.

And having a niche in your wall is the opportunity to install a built-in dressing room.

A few shelves, drawers and rods and you have a low cost do-it-yourself walk-in closet.

You can even hide it behind blinds.

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5. A dressing room with clothes rails

A small dressing room made with clothes rails in a white apartment room

A clothes rack for Monsieur, a clothes rack for Madame …

And every outfit is tidy!

For a simple and refined decor and for small budgets …

The clothes rack is the ideal solution for storing clothes, shoes and handbags.

To further optimize storage space, install large shelves along the length of the wall.

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6. A dressing room in the attic

A dressing room installed in the attic

The attic is the ideal place to create a dressing room that does not take up space.

This closet with sliding doors is a huge space saver for a small space.

In a studio, or a small apartment under the roofs, dresing under slopes is the ideal trick for storage.

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7. A dressing room as a room divider

A dressing room with clothes rails to separate a room

When you live in a small apartment, you don’t always have the space to have a separate bedroom.

Then a piece of furniture can act as a separation.

And this is the case with this clever walk-in closet.

It separates the room in two and offers plenty of storage.

In addition, it lets light circulate well throughout the room.

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8. A walk-in closet as a headboard against a wall

A small purple dressing room placed against a wall that also doubles as a headboard

Using the walk-in closet as a headboard is a real space saver.

Here the dressing room is made up of two shelves and two wardrobes which frame the bed.

It is the perfect arrangement for an adult bedroom.

In addition, it allows to separate the room into two spaces. Perfect for installing an office space!

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9. A walk-in closet under a bed

A small dressing room under a white bed

It is not necessarily the most practical storage.

But this walk-in closet under the bed has the merit of exploiting unused space.

By putting plastic bins under a safe bed, we can multiply the storage space by two.

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10. A dressing room in a studio

A small dressing room made with a shelf and a curtain in a studio

Who said you can’t have a walk-in closet in a studio?

Photo proof that it is possible.

And more for cheap!

All it takes is a shelf and extendable rods to have a great storage space.

This way, the do-it-yourself dressing room is discreet in the living room.

But it is very practical for storing clothes, shoes and even putting dirty laundry in.

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11. A modular dressing room

A small custom-made dressing room for a small bedroom

This bespoke walk-in closet is both high and shallow.

It adapts perfectly to the dimensions of this small room.

Suddenly, it takes up little space, but offers maximum storage thanks to its drawers, shelves and wardrobes.

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12. A walk-in closet above the door

A small dressing room above the bedroom door

The space above the doors is often overlooked.

Whether in the bedroom or in the bathroom.

Using the full height of the wall, we can create a large open walk-in closet.

The originality is to install the wardrobe at the top, thanks to extendable rods.

It is accessed by means of a ladder.

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13. A dressing room under the stairs

A small dressing room under the stairs to save space

Another space that is rarely used: under the stairs.

However, it is the ideal place to install a cupboard, a wardrobe or a small dressing room.

You can even install a library there.

It doesn’t take much to create your storage space.

A bench, a few storage baskets, a rod …

And here you are with one more coin!

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14. A walk-in closet on a wall

A walk-in closet on an entire section of the wall hidden by curtains

Having several closets in the house takes up space.

And when you have a small apartment, that’s not a good idea.

So why not have one huge one?

Here, a whole section of wall acts as a dressing room.

Shelves, lockers, racks, rods, bins …

As a result, clothes and shoes are stored there, but also dishes, appliances and pots and pans.

He is discreet behind a large curtain. No more mess in the house!

Clever isn’t it?

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15. A dressing room under a mezzanine bed

a dressing room installed under a mezzanine bed

Even in a studio with a loft bed, you can have a small walk-in closet.

The trick is to install the walk-in closet under the bed with a rolling rack.

Then just hide it behind a board.

You can even install a door.

A small sofa in front … and voila.

Neither seen nor known ! Ingenious, don’t you think?

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Your turn…

Do you like these dressing ideas for small apartments? Tell us in the comments which one you prefer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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