15 Gorgeous Bathrooms You Wish You Were At Home.

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Are you planning to do some work in your bathroom?

And are you looking for great ideas to furnish and decorate it?

It is true that it is not always easy to choose the decoration of a bathroom.

Especially when you want it to be original and functional!

To help you, here is 15 beautiful decorating ideas to decorate your bathroom. Look :

Old, trendy, industrial, original and modern: here are 15 beautiful bathrooms

1. Sweet and warm

very modern marble bathroom

This bright bathroom makes you want to laze around in a good bath, right? With this beautiful natural light, its magnificent marble tiles and the pretty little storage alcove, we can see ourselves having a good time there after a hard day’s work.

2. Rustic in the countryside

white cottage style bathroom

Both modern and rustic, this “cottage” style bathroom is ideal if you like a mix of styles. The ruffled shower curtain, wooden shelves and pewter watering can are perfect decorative accessories for this style.

3. Wood and stones

rustic wood and stone bathroom

A very stylish mix of reclaimed wood and stones that give a natural and rustic feel to this bathroom. Shower and sink faucets perfectly add to the rustic and warm style of the room.

4. Beige and modern

modern beige bathroom

Beige may not be the color you would think of for a bathroom. We often find her sad. And yet: this beautiful contemporary bathroom is proof to the contrary. A beautiful tub of smooth stones, green plants and natural wood tones make this space as warm as it is chic.

5. Industrial and warm

industrial bathroom

Industrial style doesn’t have to be cold. Add a little warm touch with wood and plants and you have a room that is both trendy and welcoming.

6. Metropolitan style

metro tiled bathroom

The ease of maintenance of “metro” style earthenware makes it one of the most widely used materials in bathrooms today. This decor is classic, simple, clean, practical and warm. This is perfect for the main bathroom or the guest bathroom.

7. Blue and wood

blue and wood bathroom

This blue bathroom has a very childish style. Here, neutral and soft colors have been used to bring calm and serenity as if you were lying on the beach. All the decoration is in keeping with this spirit.

8. Cement tiles

cement tile bathroom

This cement tile floor contrasts beautifully with the clean white lines of the rest of the room. It gives an impression of simplicity and cleanliness.

9. Japanese style

japanese style bathroom

A Japanese touch with this golden paper with Koi carp patterns makes all the difference. The golden decor gives a feeling of calm in a chic atmosphere.

10. Azulejos tiles

azulejos bathroom

Azulejos are deep blue earthenware tiles that come from Spain. The walk-in shower and its transparent glass wall add a lot of lightness. The blue tiles all over the wall connect the shower to the sink. Perfect for giving an illusion of space.

11. White and wood

well-appointed white parisian bathroom

This tiny Parisian bathroom is tiny, but it packs a punch and is very functional. The alcove shower sits behind the sink to make better use of the space. The wicker and wood notes make the whole more warm.

12. Small and practical

decorate small bathroom

Small doesn’t mean lack of functionality, as this super practical little bathroom shows. The side position of the tub, the judicious use of wall space and the shower curtain holder provide plenty of space for showering without feeling cramped.

13. Diamond pattern wallpaper

diamond bread roll bathroom

The large mirror and patterned wallpaper make this tiny bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Like what, we can do everything in a small space!

14. Psychedelic

psychedelic bathroom

Here is a very original wallpaper with marble patterns and an animal skull that give a rather psychedelic side. It takes a daring spirit to dare this, but why not!

15. Invisible walk-in shower

white bathroom invisible shower

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, put a totally invisible walk-in shower. With a glass wall, minimal decor, modern faucets, and smooth tiles on the floor and walls, it makes the shower fade into the background.

Your turn…

And you, which of these bathrooms would you like to have in your home? Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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