15 Clever Hidden Storage That Everyone Would Love To Have In Their Kitchen.

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November 18, 2019

The kitchen is certainly one of the rooms where we spend the most time in the house!

So much so that there is often a lack of space …

You never have enough storage space and the worktop is always too small.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to save space and have more storage in your kitchen.

Here is 15 ingenious hidden storage that everyone would love to have in their kitchen. Look :

1. Integrated cutting boards

A white worktop with wooden cutting boards built into it

Super practical to always have a cutting board on hand!

2. An ingenious worktop with a hole for the peelings

A drawer that turns into a worktop with a hole for the trash can in the middle

That way, you just have to slide the trash in, instead of having to open the cupboard, then the trash … Discover the trick here.

3. A sliding table under the kitchen island

Green retractable table under the kitchen island with casters

Very useful for offering more space when you need a larger worktop.

4. Corner drawers to save space

White corner drawers in a modern kitchen to save space

5. A drawer for storing knives

A special drawer to store knives easily vertically

6. A drawer to store garbage cans and garbage bags

ONE blue drawer with 2 bins for recycling and garbage bags

7. Drawers with dividers to keep the plates in place

A drawer with dividers to store the plates easily

8. A sliding panel where the spices are hidden

A white sliding panel with spices stored in it

9. A cabinet with sliding drawers so that everything is easily accessible

A white cabinet with practical wooden sliding drawers

10. A special drawer to store all the spices

A white drawer with lots of colorful spice jars in it

11. A cupboard with vertical storage for the baking sheet, cheese board and cookbooks

A white cupboard with vertical wooden storage to store baking sheets and cookbook

12. A cupboard to store the microwave, coffee machine and other kitchen appliances

A white cupboard to store the microwave, the coffee machine and the blender

13. A drawer for storing sugar, flour, baking soda, etc.

A white drawer where you can easily store dry products like sugar and flour

14. A small storage on the side of the island to store glasses

Storage on the side of the white island for easy storage of green glasses

15. A special cupboard to store the coffee machine and the cups

A gray cupboard to store the coffee machine and the cups

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