15 Awesome Storage Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier.

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Are you looking for tips to organize your home?

It’s true that keeping a house tidy is not easy!

Especially when you have a family and little space!

Fortunately, here are 15 storage tips that will make your life easier!

They will allow you to better organize your home. Look :

clever storage tips

1. Store your toothbrushes and toothpaste in a cutlery tray

store your toothbrushes and toothpaste in a covered rack

Fed up with toothbrushes that fall and lie around every morning? With this smart storage, no more excuses. Everyone puts their toothbrush in a place in the cutlery tray and quickly finds it. And what’s more, it’s hygienic!

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2. Use a magnetic band to keep your bobby pins handy

a magnetic adhesive strip will allow you to store your hairpins

Because they have the gift of disappearing when we need them! To always have them at hand, stick a magnetic adhesive strip inside a cupboard and hang your hairpins there. Also add your barrettes, tweezers …

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3. Make non-slip hangers with a little glue

use glue to prevent hangers from slipping

Every morning, when you open your wardrobe, it’s the same sad sight: your clothes are piling up on the floor because they keep sliding off the hangers. To avoid this, simply put a little glue on your hangers. Leave to dry. It will make a perfect non-slip for your light sliding clothes.

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4. Store the cables in empty toilet paper rolls

store cables in toilet paper rolls

Are you running out of space to store the cables of your electrical appliances? Do they get tangled up and disappear? Collect empty toilet paper rolls or paper towels and store them inside. Here they are neatly arranged now!

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5. Save space in the freezer by clipping the opened bags under the shelf.

use the clips to hang the storage bags

Using notepads, hang opened bags of vegetables, meats, fruits, etc. under the shelf of your freezer. This saves space and can slide other food under the hanging bags.

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6. Do not mix up your cables any more using note clips

drawing clips to store cables

Your computer cables, printers, headphones … get tangled and you never find the one you need? Use notepads to organize them well.

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7. Store your duvet covers in the matching pillow cases

use the pillowcases to store the duvet covers

To easily store and find your bed sets, store the duvet cover, fitted sheet and one of the pillowcases in the other pillowcase.

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8. Use a transparent shoe rack to store all snacks.

store snacks in a transparent shoe rack

Each snack finds its place in a pocket. Not only are the snacks easily accessible for everyone and tidy, but in the blink of an eye you can see which one you are looking for.

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9. Store the wrapping paper rolls in a protective cover on a hanger

store paper rolls in a garment bag

To prevent the wrapping paper rolls from getting damaged before the next opportunity to use them, put them in a protective cover. Slip a hanger inside and hang it in a closet until next Christmas.

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10. Store all your rubber bands on a carabiner

use a carabiner to store your elastics

By putting them all on a carabiner, you no longer lose them. So you don’t waste time looking for them in the morning.

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11. Use an extendable bar to hang your vaporizers under the sink

use a bar to hang your vaporizers

By hanging your pschitts by the sprayer on an extendable bar, you will gain a crazy place in your cupboards!

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12. Place a plastic cereal box in the car to make a mini-bin

an empty plastic cereal box will make a car trash can

No more candy wrappers and parking tickets on the floor: put a cereal box in the car as a trash can. Now everything goes straight to the trash.

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13. Store your eye shadows in ice cube trays to see all the shades at a glance

Put eye shadow in ice cube trays

No need to rummage for 15 minutes in your makeup bag to find the eye shadow that will sublimate your eyes. Just store them in ice cube trays to see them all at once.

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14. Store hot styling accessories in a magazine rack

store your curling iron in a magazine rack

After using them, store your hair dryers, curling irons and other accessories in a magazine rack. It’s convenient and nobody gets burned!

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15. Store all your scarves on a hanger

store the scarves on a hanger

The scarves are piling up, but your available space is not growing. The solution to store them is to hang them at the bottom of a hanger to save space.

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