14 Genius Storage Cabinets To Save Space In Your Kitchen.

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Are you looking for ideas to save space in your kitchen?

It’s true that we never have enough storage in this room!

Between dishes, utensils and pots, the mess is never far away …

Fortunately, there are simple and effective storage solutions to save space easily.

Here is 14 brilliant storage units for immediate space saving in your kitchen. Look :

4 examples of smart storage to save space in the kitchen

1. Sliding spice drawers

Several vertical drawers in the kitchen to store spices

Instead of struggling to grab spices, oils or packaging, why not install these sliding drawers? They are spacious and narrow. They are perfect for storing spices and various bottles of oil. You can even put small food bags, aluminum foil and plastic packaging boxes in it.

2. A drawer for large kitchen utensils

White drawer to store kitchen utensils

You just need to do a few simple purchases and organize your drawer in a different way, and you can finally get rid of your spoon pot and hide your ladles and spatulas. Sure, they’re super trendy … But who cares?

3. A large drawer for spices and utensils

Large green drawer that serves as storage for utensils and spices

Smarter still! You can kill two birds with one stone by storing the kitchen utensils with the spices in a large drawer. To do this, simply install dividers in a large drawer.

4. A double level drawer for cutlery

Wooden drawer serving as storage for silverware

Another way to optimize the space in the drawers? Install a double drawer! Store the cutlery you use every day on top and the rest below.

5. A drawer dedicated to knives

Special storage drawer for knives

Of course, if you are a fan of Master Chef, you might need an entire drawer dedicated to knife storage. And if you have enough room in the drawers, why not store them in a special knife holder?

6. XXL drawers for dishes

Two white drawers for storing kitchen utensils

These two large XXL drawers one above the other are really great for organizing your kitchen. They optimize the storage of crockery and the storage of cutlery and large utensils.

7. Sliding drawers inside the cupboards

Brown wooden cabinet with double door equipped with several white drawers to store all kinds of food

Drawers can also be useful for storing food. And no need to get rid of the cupboards to install them! Some drawers are installed inside the cupboards. Just pull them out to see all the food you’ve stored to last at least a month!

8. A huge pantry

Dark brown kitchen cabinet with lots of foods stored inside

If you can, go for a double door pantry. Install it in a cupboard or as an independent piece of furniture in your kitchen. You are thus sure to optimize your storage space.

9. A sliding storage for pots

Sliding drawer to store your stoves

You can also install pull-out storage for pots and pans, hanging them inside your cupboards. No more hassle to pile up pots in the back of the cupboard!

10. A corner cupboard

Several white storage drawers in the kitchen

Tired of your Tupperware falling behind that stupid carousel spinning around the corner of your kitchen? Instead, try replacing it with these sliding corner drawers. You save space and it’s much more practical.

11. Storage for baking sheets

White wooden drawer that serves as a storage for steel plates

And while you’re at it, don’t forget storage for baking trays, muffin and cake tins. It is true that storage under the oven is not practical. Not to mention that every time they are put away, they make a crazy noise!

12. A storage basket for fruit

Drawers with several baskets to store different fruits

Keep your fruits and vegetables close at hand without cluttering the counter. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to these wicker storage baskets. The woven wicker forms a beautiful contrast with the straight lines of the cupboard doors and drawers while optimizing storage.

13. A trash can integrated into the worktop

Drawer to put this trash or household items

Already have a bin under the sink? Well done ! But here’s an even more practical idea. Install the trash can in a drawer under the worktop and make a cutout just above. All you have to do is drop the waste directly into the trash. Ingenious, isn’t it?

14. A mobile island with worktop

White storage cabinet that serves as a mini worktop

Finally, to optimize space as much as possible, choose a mobile storage island with a worktop on top. When not in use, it slips under your countertop and can be used like any other closet. But if you’re getting into cake making, you’re going to need a little more space, right?

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips to save space in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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