14 Awesome Garage Storage Ideas.

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The garage is often a messy room …

Yep, keeping a garage tidy is not easy!

Tools, bikes, gardening utensils, winter clothes …

You never know how to organize all this stuff.

Result, we do not find anything in this bazaar!

ideas for tidying up your garage

Luckily, we’ve handpicked 14 awesome garage storage ideas for you.

With these storage tips, no more mess! You will see everything will find its place. And you will have a great space saver. Look :

1. Plastic boxes to organize everything

storage boxes for the garage

Tired of seeing boxes piling up everywhere? Make room with plastic boxes with lids. It’s a great classic but it’s still super practical, especially for storing fragile things like winter clothes.

2. PVC tubes for storing tools

store garden tools using PVC tubes

You have a few PVC tubes left, you know which ones are used for drainage? Cut them into sections of about 30 cm. Hang them on planks like in the photo. Then attach these boards to one of the garage walls. All you have to do is store your tools there. It also works for small tools like here.

3. Wall storage for tools

a perforated board to store all the tools

Are you still looking for your tools? Here is the solution you have been waiting for. Take a large perforated board. Secure it to the wall using cleats. Put a few hooks there to hang your tools. And there you have it, all your tools are tidy and visible. Check out the trick here.

4. Ceiling storage

a storage mezzanine in the garage

Do you want to make room on the floor? So install a mezzanine in your garage. A few wooden planks and wooden rafters to be fixed to the ceiling will allow you to free up space. Be careful not to overload your mezzanine. Check out the trick here.

5. Hooks for hanging bikes

bicycles hanging from the garage ceiling

Are your bikes taking up too much space in your garage? Hang them from the ceiling, thanks to securely attached hooks. They will no longer clutter your garage.

6. Cabinets on the walls to save space

high wall cupboards

Instead of putting your cabinets on the floor, hang them on the wall high up, like cupboards. This creates storage space. And you don’t waste floor space. Convenient, isn’t it?

7. Easy to move lockers

lockers on wheels to store tools

Very practical these wardrobes on casters that look like lockers in changing rooms. Thanks to these storage compartments, you can store your DIY and gardening tools or even your skis. They can be moved easily to suit your space.

8. A pallet for storing tools

a pallet to store tools

Palettes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Here, they are used to store gardening tools. Easy to do, isn’t it?

To discover : 42 New Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets.

9. A shelf to store the screwdrivers

a shelf for the screwdrivers

Are your screwdrivers lying around? To avoid this, make a wooden shelf to store them. Take a board and poke holes in it at regular intervals. Secure the board to the wall with brackets. And there you have it, a super handy garage shelf to store all your screwdrivers. Easy, right?

10. Jars to store the screws

jars fixed under a shelf to store screws and nails

Nails, screws, rubber bands … they are still lying around. To avoid this, put them in jars, like these. Secure the lids of the jars under a shelf. All you have to do is put your nails and screws in the jars and screw them onto their lids. Check out the trick here.

11. A document console to store tools

an overturned locker to store gardening tools

We’ve all seen those vertical drawers in an office! Collect one. Then just remove the drawers and turn it over to store rakes, shovels, forks, brooms etc. You can even add casters to it if you want. Check out the trick here.

12. A board for winding the cables

a board with nails to store the cables

No more cables lying around and getting tangled up! Take a panel and hammer rods or large nails into it. All you have to do is wrap the cables around.

13. Plastic bottles for storage

Plastic bottles to store screws and nails

Do you have a few plastic bottles lying around? They will be perfect for storing screws, nails, dowels, bolts and all the little stuff lying around in the garage. For this, take a perforated panel. Install some hooks on it. Screw eyelet screws into the bottle caps. Make a hole large enough in the bottles to fit your hand. Hang your bottles as in the photo.

14. A folding workbench to save space

a retractable workbench in a garage

This tip is more for experienced DIY enthusiasts. If you are running out of room in your garage to DIY, you’ll love this folding table. It can be used as a workbench and then folded up against the wall. Considerable space saving! Watch the tutorial here. It is in English but you can display the subtitles in French.

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