13 Great Ideas To Store Your Important Papers (And Find Them Easily).

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Tired of seeing the mail piling up on your desk?

It is true that we are inundated with papers at home!

Between tax notices, medical documents, bank, insurance, house, car and bills of all kinds …

We no longer know where to turn!

Fortunately, there are some great tips to tidy up and organize all that mess and find all your papers quickly and easily.

13 Great Ideas To Store Your Important Papers (And Find Them Easily).

With these methods, every piece of paper in your home will have its small, well-defined – and easily accessible place.

So, to never lose your important papers again, here is 13 tips for storing and organizing all your important documents and papers :

1. A cmailbox

6 tier black metal mail basket.

Here is THE mailbox that everyone should have at home! It is made up of 5 inclined trays to store your most important files, plus 1 shelf at the bottom for quick access to your office essentials. Click here to discover this metal mail basket.

2. Fabric storage boxes

Fabric storage boxes for storing documents.

A discreet and effective method of tidying up the office area of ​​your home is to use storage boxes with a fabric covering.

In addition, the storage boxes are available in several sizes. Recipes, photos to sort, important documents, souvenirs: it’s up to you to choose the ideal format to store your papers. Click here to discover these storage boxes with a fabric covering.

3. A storage box with hanging files

Black storage box for hanging files, with cover.

Are you looking for a box to store hanging files? Practical and attractive, this storage box has steel handles and comes in several sizes – and it is perfectly suited for filing suspension files.

Little extra: the sides of the box have snaps and are easily removable, allowing it to be folded up to store it flat when you don’t need it. And thanks to the height of its cover, you can even add labels to your files. Click here to discover this storage box with hanging files.

4. Magazine racks

White magazine racks on an office shelf.

Here is an ideal solution for papers and files that you do not consult regularly. Magazine racks add a stylish touch to your library. Little extra: these magazine racks are equipped with metal slots to insert labels and thus indicate what is contained in the magazine racks. Click here to discover these magazine racks.

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5. Suspension files with color code

A box of suspension files with color code.

The classification by color code is not only visually pleasing, but above all it is a system with proven effectiveness.

Indeed, assigning a category to each color allows you to find your papers much faster. For example, finances in green, energy bills in blue, the car in red …

Afterwards, all you have to do is search in the corresponding color to quickly find your papers. Click here to discover these colored hanging files.

6. A wall-mounted document holder with 6 colored pockets

Wall-mounted document holder with 5 brightly colored pockets.

Over 2,200 customers have given this wall mounted briefcase a 4.5 star rating. By the way, here is one of the many positive comments:

“We hung this wall organizer in our kitchen so that everyone in our family could use it as a“ command post. ”We were mainly looking for a functional, discreet and if possible not too unpleasant to look at. -documents is just PERFECT. There are enough pockets for each family member, plus 1 or 2 more that we use to store bills and mail. “

Click here to discover the wall document holder.

7. A car paper holder

A document holder for all of the car's papers: license, registration certificate, registration certificate

Gray card, insurance, license… now you can store all your car papers in one place! This specially designed car papers briefcase is perfect for any organized driver. Click here to discover this car document holder.

8. Car front seat storage

A car front seat storage with a phone, water bottle and other items.

Are you on the road all the time? With this clever storage that attaches to the back of the car’s front seat, no more wasting your work documents. A special mention for the small cup holder on the side of the storage: it’s a very practical addition! Click here to discover this car seat storage.

9. A briefcase for baby’s papers

A file folder for baby's documents.

Pregnancy exams report, health book, family booklet, follow-up of visits to the pediatrician… Thanks to this fabric document holder, you can keep all baby’s documents in one safe place. Click here to discover this briefcase for your baby.

10. Storage for school memories

A school keepsake box with hanging files, on a desk.

Very often, the sentimental objects of our children tend to end up on the desk …

To prevent them from mixing with your important papers, use a storage box for each of your children, with hanging files dedicated to the important stages of their schooling: kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school.

11. Files for each of your current projects

Events organized in folders by categories on a metal desk storage.

Just because you won’t keep them all your life doesn’t mean that some files aren’t important. For example: organizing a garage sale, or even all the Christmas gift lists for friends and family.

The solution is to create dedicated and easily accessible folders to fully control each of your current events. Click here to discover this metal file holder.

12. Labels to organize your mail

A vertical briefcase with filing labels.

No matter which filing system you choose, the most important thing is not to stuff your papers jumbled together in a folder and forget about them forever.

Instead, use smart labels to categorize your documents, like “Read“,”Classify“,”To send“,”Sort“and”UrgentThe idea here is to use categories that give clear directions for organizing your invoices and mail. Click here to explore the wall organizer.

13. Binders with color codes

Small color coded binders on a desk.

Organize your documents in small binders of different colors. So you can easily transport your documents to appointments. And to make them even more visible, you can put them on your kitchen counter with a simple dish rack.

Your turn…

Have you tested these methods for storing and organizing your papers? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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