12 Uses Of Clip Notes That Will Make Your Life Easier!

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Do you have plenty of clipboards?

But you don’t really know what to do with it?

Know that they are not only used to keep files in the office!

Indeed, they have many unsuspected uses that nobody knows.

Here is 12 things you never thought you could do with note clips.

These tips will simplify your life without breaking the bank! Look :

12 Uses Of Clip Notes That Will Make Your Life Easier!

1. To hold the ball of yarn

A blue knitting ball

No need for a special bowl to hold your ball of yarn! A small bowl with a clip on the edge holds the yarn in place and allows the ball to unwind on its own as you knit. Convenient, isn’t it? Check out the trick here in # 15.

2. To hold the hangers in place on the clothesline

Several hangers hung on a green wire thanks to the pins

Thanks to this trick, no more clothes that stick to the line to hang the laundry! You will be able to block your hangers so that they do not move. It is also a good way to put more hangers on the line and prevent the hangers from falling to the ground due to the wind.

3. To prevent cables from tangling

Several wires in two red buckets

The notepads keep your cables neatly organized and prevent them from getting tangled in all directions.

4. To store open packages in the freezer

Freezer bags hung with pins

Not only is it a good way to store your opened packages in the freezer, but you also save space! Not to mention the fact that you are avoiding an avalanche of peas … Check out the trick here.

5. To store household gloves

A cupboard full of products with gloves

If like me, you never know where to store your cleaning and dishwashing gloves, hang them with a clip behind the door so they’re easily accessible.

6. To store pens and office supplies

Supplies arranged in two red cups

Save space on your desk by hanging your pencil holders directly on the wall with wall hooks and notepads.

7. For storing wrapping paper rolls

Wrapping paper rolls with pins

Thanks to this trick, your wrapping paper rolls stay in place and do not get damaged! Practical and it avoids the mess.

8. To hang vacation photos

Several photos that hold thanks to pins

Create a great vertical photo holder with clip clips! It’s still more beautiful than scotch tape and more original than photo frames, isn’t it?

9. To secure the razor in the travel bag

A razor covered with a pin to avoid getting cut

Protect yourself from cuts when rummaging through your travel bag for the razor. Also handy if you have lost the protective cover. Check out the trick here.

10. To hold the tablecloth when it’s windy

A tablecloth held in place with a pin

Don’t let a gust of wind ruin your lunch on the terrace! Use notepads to simply hang the tablecloth on the table.

11. To easily find the cable you need

Three threads held in place by pins

Tired of having cables tangled under your desk? It is true that it is not practical to find the cable you need! Thanks to this trick, your cables no longer fall to the ground and stay well organized. Check out the trick here.

12. To differentiate glasses during a party

Several glasses of champagne with pins

In the evening, you never find your glass … Thanks to this simple and decorative tip, you will be able to find your glass in the blink of an eye! No more taking out more glasses than you need. It will do less dishes!

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