10 Tips For Arranging Your Furniture Like a Pro at Home.

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Do you want to change the place of furniture in your living room?

Except you don’t know where to start. Help !

That’s right, how do you find the ideal location that best suits the room?

One of the most complicated aspects of interior design is the arrangement of furniture in a room.

Indeed, the way you arrange your furniture can transform a room from top to bottom.

10 tips for arranging furniture in your home.

Changing your furniture can not only visually enlarge a room …

… but also to make it more functional and pleasant to live in for your family.

Living room, dining room, living room, or bedroom … how to arrange the furniture in a room according to its size and configuration?

Well, the best way is to be creative and imaginative 🙂

So, to inspire you, we’ve put together the best interior design tips and ideas!

Here is 10 ideas and tips for arranging your furniture like a pro at home. Look :

1. Use free planning software

A tablet with interior design software on a white table.

Find a perfect place for your furniture? What a puzzle! But no need to take out the Doliprane or break your back.

Instead, view and save all your landscaping ideas on your computer screen!

Indeed, there are excellent interior design software that allow you to move all your furniture around and find new layout ideas.

You can try Space Designer 3D, Sweet Home 3D, or IKEA Planners.

And the good news is that all of these sites are free AND in French !

All three are easy to use and allow you to recreate any room in your home, then experiment with your different arrangements.

You can even download the IKEA Place app on your smartphone to see exactly how furniture would fit into your interior.

How it is possible ? This app uses augmented reality to embed IKEA furniture right in your living room!

It saves you from buying a sofa that is too big or a piece of furniture that does not match your interior …

2. Use grid paper and pencil

Grid paper and pencil on an interior layout plan.

Interior design software not your thing? So you can also do it the old fashioned way.

Just take out some grid paper and draw your room to scale: 1 square = 50 cm, for example.

Then cut pieces of paper, also on the same scale, and write the name of each piece of furniture to distinguish them clearly.

Now you just have to make Tetris with the furniture and find the perfect arrangement for any room in your home!

3. Always start by arranging the largest pieces of furniture

Gray sofa and coffee table in a living room.

To properly furnish a room, first try to remove all small furniture and objects from the room.

Indeed, it is recommended that you focus on essential furniture – that is to say the key elements like the sofa or the coffee table.

Logical, because most often, the key pieces of furniture are also those that are the most voluminous.

So by keeping only the key pieces of furniture, you can more easily visualize the best way to arrange them and adapt them to the volume of the room.

In other words, the bigger a piece of furniture, the more space it takes… So be sure to find the best possible location for it!

And only after that, take care of arranging, one by one, the smaller objects – which, in turn, are modular and easier to integrate.

This method makes it possible to find the ideal and most suitable location for the room.

Here is a good example of arranging key furniture in a living room to add a more cozy character:

Arrangement of key furniture in the living room, before and after to save space

Before: all the furniture is aligned along the walls, a typical arrangement.

After: a perfect example of a new arrangement of key furniture. Here, the seats make it possible to develop new living spaces, such as a reading corner, while respecting the volumes and the balance of the room.

4. Test the diagonal layout

Drawings of different arrangements by arranging the furniture across the room.

Here’s a great interior design idea that you can easily try out at home: arrange the furniture across the room.

In the end, you surely won’t keep all your furniture diagonally.

But to start, try to line up all the furniture on a diagonal that crosses the room.

And if the result does not suit you, play with the arrangement of each piece of furniture.

Instead, try changing only one item at a time – including the mat.

Arranging the furniture and elements across the room makes the outlook more harmonious.

It is a simple method to bring more charm to a room, but also to enlarge it visually.

5. Do you have a narrow living room? Use this layout for armchairs and sofas

A narrow living room before and after a new arrangement of the furniture to save space

If you have a small living room or an extended living room, try playing around with the arrangement of the chairs and sofas.

So you can create new relaxation areas in your living room and make your living room more warm and friendly.

6. Avoid putting furniture in front of windows

An arrangement of the furniture of the living room which avoids obstructing the windows.

Putting furniture in front of windows greatly limits the diffusion of natural light.

As a result, it gives the impression that the room is small and narrow …

Therefore, avoid obstructing the windows in your room.

If you have no choice, put only low and small furniture in front of the windows.

Likewise, do not neglect the perspective of the room: that is, the general view of the space.

For example, if your living room is seen most often from the dining room, avoid obstructing the passage between these 2 rooms.

Like that, they will appear more pleasant and voluminous.

7. Do you have a living room that is also a dining room? Use this ingenious arrangement

An arrangement of the furniture in the living / dining room.

When you live in a house, the living room is often in the same room as the dining room.

So how do you distinguish between the 2 pieces?

The trick is to use the above arrangement to create 2 rooms in one.

Cut the room in half and put a large living room rug on one half to mark the living room on the floor.

Place the sofa, armchairs and table on top.

All that remains is to put the TV cabinet in front of the carpet to complete the living room.

As for the dining table, place it near the door preferably, well in the middle of the place in front of a bookcase for example.

And there you have it, your living / dining room is now perfectly arranged!

8. Use this arrangement to optimize space in a small bedroom

Arrangement of furniture in a bedroom.

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped!

Here is a clever arrangement to save space in the bedroom and feel good in this important room.

All you need is a small secretary to answer your emails and a nice armchair to place in a corner of the room to catch your breath.

Maximize storage with a bench at the end of the bed and 2 nightstands with drawer space for socks, belts and accessories.

9. Use a bed bench with storage to save space in the bedroom

A bed end box with a patterned fabric cover.

For most people, bedroom furniture is limited to the bed and bedside tables.

To give your bedroom a definite little extra, try adding a bed bench with storage like this one.

Not only do you save storage space in your room …

… but in addition, it brings a stylish touch to this room!

Also handy for placing your breakfast tray, a stack of books or your favorite blanket in winter.

If you don’t need extra storage, you can also try a padded bench, ottoman or even a low stool.

10. Don’t be afraid to try out new layout ideas

A sofa, armchairs and other furniture in a living room.

Remember: just because you’ve always arranged your furniture the same way, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it!

The idea here is to test new ideas to see if there isn’t a better arrangement of the furniture.

For example, do you really need all the furniture that is piling up in your living room?

Perhaps you can try to reduce the amount of furniture in a room to its essentials.

Or, do you have a large armchair in your bedroom that does nothing but pile laundry?

Perhaps this armchair would make a perfect reading nook in the living room!

Do not be afraid ofexperiment with new layouts for your parts and find new uses for your furniture!

3 furniture arrangements before after

Your turn…

Have you tried these ideas and tips for arranging the rooms in your home? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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