10 Recycled Items You Would Like To Have In Your Home.

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I don’t know about you, but I love recycling!

Giving a second life to old objects is magic.

The possibilities and ideas are endless. The only limit is the imagination.

No more objects sleeping in a cellar. The vintage decor is yours!

You know, we hate waste and love to breathe life into old things.

We have selected for you 10 recycled objects that you would love to have in your home. Look :

1. These bottles of wine in vases

bottles recycled into vases

Simply wrap your bottles in colorful wool or twine, and there you are with awesome vases. These bottles will perfectly decorate your interior. You can also decorate them with buttons, embroidery or burlap roses to write a message on.

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2. These clockwork cups of tea

clock with recycled object

Here is a particularly original decorative project. All you have to do is hunt for old tea cups with their saucers. If they are mismatched, do not worry, that’s what will make the charm of this creation. Arrange them in circles to create a very unique decorative clock. You can find a clock mechanism here.

3. Those old books in the birdhouse

old books recycled in birdhouse

Yes, old books can turn into a little birdhouse! Isn’t that cute? What I like above all is that you don’t have to destroy the books to make this cabin.

4. These pages of old books turned into pink

make newspaper flowers

Here’s a great idea to add some color (and use the vases created in # 1). Color old pages from books or newspapers, then cut them out like this by following this tutorial.

5. These corks recycled as coaster

coasters with recycled corks

Here is an idea for creating original coasters. What I love is that you can personalize them by changing the color of the ribbons. You will be able to match them with the color of your walls for example. It is also a great idea for crafts to make with the children, or for a homemade gift.

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6. This old lampshade brought up to date

recycle an old lampshade

Do you want to recycle an old lampshade? Nothing’s easier. You will need 1/2 yard of adhesive fabric, glue and pom pom tape. Also take some paper that you will use to make the pattern.

technique to modernize lampshade

Cut out the shape of one side of the lampshade, taking care to cut a little wider at the bottom. Then transfer this shape to the fabric as many times as there are facing your lampshade.

how to make a recycled lampshade

Cut out the fabric and glue it to the old lampshade. Fold the edges down, and glue them.

Finally, add the pompom braid for the finish.

modernize an old lampshade

7. This old recycled tableware as a trivet

trivet made with pieces of broken dishes

If you have a few mismatched porcelain dinnerware pieces that you don’t know what to do with, you can turn them into a beautiful trivet. Take your crockery pieces and place them in a terry towel. Hit them with a hammer to smash them into pieces. Then sort the pieces: small, medium, large.

Then pour concrete (raw or colored) into a plastic flowerpot saucer. Then arrange the pieces of porcelain one by one. First the big ones, then the means. Finally, fill in the holes with the small pieces. Press down well on each piece to smooth it out. Let dry and unmold. And There you go ! You have created a unique and original trivet 🙂

8. These glass jars recycled into decorative vase

vase with old recycled glass jars

We all have old glass jars (finished jars of jam or mustard, for example) and we never know what to do with them other than putting them in the glass bin. Did you know that they could be transformed into glass, candle holders … the possibilities are endless.

But here is an idea to transform them into vintage vase to make country bouquets. You can even spray silver paint on them to give them a special look.

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9. These old newspapers transformed into decorative paintings

create original paintings with torn newspaper

Use the pages of an old newspaper to create a unique decor according to your inspiration. You will need old newspapers, canvas, glue, stencils, and paint.

Tear the newspapers and stick them on the canvas then let your creativity go with the paint and the stencils. You have just created beautiful modern paintings to dress an empty wall.

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10. Those old road maps recycled in coaster

recycled road map in coaster

Here is an ingenious idea for creating original coasters. Give a second life to those old abandoned road maps. Take cork supports for example, cut and glue the card on it, then varnish.

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