10 Genius Tips To Store And Organize Your TUPPERWARES.

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Are your kitchen drawers and cupboards overflowing with Tupperware® and other food boxes?

No matter how you stack them, their lids never stay in place … Help !

Certainly, food boxes are extremely practical for storing food for longer.

The problem is their storage. Because they quickly clutter up kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Fortunately, there are some easy (and inexpensive) tips for storing and organizing your Tupperware® boxes and lids.

The good news ? We are willing to bet that you already have most of these storage accessories at home in your kitchen 🙂

So, to have a perfectly organized kitchen, here is 10 great storage ideas to organize your Tupperware® boxes. Look :

10 tips for storing and organizing your tupperware at home

1. Use a drip tray to store the lids upright.

Use a dish rack to store Tupperware® liners.

A simple dish rack, and voila!

It is the perfect accessory to store your food box lids vertically.

And by organizing them by size, finding the right cover becomes child’s play!

You can find a cheap bamboo dish rack here.

Put your drainer directly in one of your kitchen cupboards.

Or, put it on the counter, if you prefer to have your lids handy.

2. Use an underwear storage box

Recycle boxes to store your Tupperware®.

It is one of the simplest solutions to organize your food boxes of different sizes.

Just find an underwear storage box like these to transform it into Tupperware® storage.

The great thing about this trick is that it works with any type of container.

Here, all you have to do is place the storage in your closet or in a large drawer.

And boom ! You get the perfect storage for your Tupperware® boxes.

3. Use extendable curtain rods for the covers

Use extendable curtain rods to store Tupperware® box lids.

Tired of the mess that Tupperware® lids leave in your drawers?

The trick is to use extendable curtain rods, like these.

As these rods are extensible, they adapt to almost all dimensions of drawers.

Just put them inside the drawer, to one side, either width or depth.

Just be sure to leave enough space to store your lids without them slipping.

Note that this trick also works for storing baking sheets, pan lids, etc.

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4. Use drawer dividers

Use adjustable drawer dividers to store Tupperware® box lids.

A few dividers, a little organization … and admire the result.

A perfectly tidy drawer!

In the photo above we have used adjustable drawer dividers, like these.

5. Use pegboard to keep your Tupperware® in place

Use pegboard to store Tupperware® box lids.

Here is a homemade solution, as we like them.

Lay a piece of pegboard flat at the bottom of your drawer.

Then use large wooden dowels as dividers, and voila!

With this system, you can easily keep all your food boxes and their lids neatly organized.

All the hardware can be found in any home improvement store, or even here on the Internet.

But maybe DIY isn’t really your thing?

So, be aware that there are also “ready-made” solutions, which use the same principle of perforated panel.

For example, with this kitchen drawer organizer, you can store all your Tupperware® boxes once and for all.

6. Hang a magazine rack behind a closet door

Use a metal magazine rack to store Tupperware® box lids.

Tired of all those lids that sow discord in your cupboards?

The solution is tohang a magazine rack inside the door of one of your kitchen cupboards.

Bim! You get discreet storage for the lids of your Tupperware®.

Now your lids are easy to reach when you need to box your leftovers.

The trick works with any metal mesh magazine rack.

The easiest way to attach the magazine rack is to use adhesive hooks like here.

Just remember to check that the holes in the wire mesh are wide enough to insert the hooks.

You can also use a wall filing cabinet and secure it to the inside of the door with short screws.

7. Recycle a box of cereal

Use a cereal box to store Tupperware® box lids.

If you are looking for the solution fastest and cheapest, there she is !

Take a box of cereal, pasta, etc. It doesn’t matter what’s in it, as long as the box is empty.

Use scissors to cut the top of the box diagonally, like in the photo above.

Quickly done well done. You get storage for the lids of your food boxes.

For a personal touch, cover the box with pretty patterned paper and masking tape.

8. Use a roll-up drip mat

Use a drainer and bin to store Tupperware® box lids.

Maybe you already store all of your loose Tupperware® lids in a small bin?

To optimize your storage, you can use a roll-up drip mat, like this one.

The trick is simple: unroll the mat on top of the bin where you store your lids.

So you can slide the lids into the grid of the roll, and keep them in an upright position.

Handy, don’t you think?

9. Use a special storage basket

Use a store-bought storage basket to store Tupperware® boxes.

Maybe homemade tricks aren’t your style?

So be aware that most manufacturers offer their own storage solutions to organize Tupperware® lids.

For example, you can use this 3 compartment storage basket to store all your lids.

10. Use a storage net for toys

A tupperware storage net hanging behind a wooden cupboard door

Here is one last DIY trick that is easy and economical.

To organize your lids, the smart thing is to use a storage net for bath toys.

Just hang it with adhesive hooks and place the net on it behind a closet door.

Put all your lids and small tupperware in there to keep everything organized.

Neither seen nor known !

10 Genius Tips To Store And Organize Your TUPPERWARES.

Your turn…

And you, how do you store your Tupperware® boxes? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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