10 Awesome Tips To Instantly Save Space In Your Kitchen.

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Want more space on your kitchen counter?

It is true that we always lack space to cook!

No need to redo your kitchen from A to Z to save space and find new storage!

Fortunately, we have selected the 10 best tips to save space on the worktop.

You will see: it’s much easier to prepare meals like this!

10 storage tips to save space in the kitchen

1. Make use of unused space on the hob

Two large wooden chopping board with kitchen products on unused hob

Make sure the stove burners are really off and cool.

You will now be able to recover all this unused space.

To do this, cover it with two custom-made cutting boards to create a second worktop.

Handy when someone comes to give you a hand in preparing the family meal.

2. Add a shelf above the worktop

Several kitchen utensils on a shelf

How about having all of your most frequently used kitchen utensils close at hand instead of being tucked away behind cupboard doors?

It makes you want, doesn’t it?

There is a trick even if you have run out of space on the counter.

To do this, just add a shelf on the credenza to store these items.

3. Whenever you can, make the most of the space!

cutting board above a trash can

The first thing you do after peeling the veg is throwing the peel away, right?

So save time (and space) by installing a plank with a hole over your trash can to easily throw trash in.

Then wipe down the cutting board and put it away when you’re done. Check out the trick here.

4. Install a shelf that folds down

A shelves on the worktop

It’s true that you don’t need a place to put your cookbook every day.

But not having one when you need it is a real headache!

Here is a shelf that folds down to put the necessary and free up space to cut and mince vegetables.

5. Hang your utensils on a wall bar

Hanging wooden kitchen utensils

I’m sure you’ll agree: you only use one (or two) utensils at a time for cooking, right?

So why leave your entire panoply of utensils to occupy a precious place on your countertop?

Instead, hang the ones you use most often on the nearby closet door, using a wall bar.

6. Use the vertical space in your kitchen

A cleared and tidy kitchen thanks to a few shelves

Coffee makers take up a lot of space in the kitchen!

But no need to put it in a closet to save space. The mornings are quite difficult like that!

To save space, simply install your coffee maker and utensils high on a shelf.

This frees up space on your countertop for preparing meals without having to sacrifice them.

7. How about a small mobile island?

An appliance on wheels in the middle of a kitchen

Don’t want to clutter up your kitchen all the time with an island that takes up too much space?

So choose an island on wheels!

You can use it only when you need it, like when you’re making the big dinner on Saturday night.

8. Don’t forget your credenza

Several baskets above a worktop are used to store some kitchen products

This discreet space often goes unnoticed.

But for example in this kitchen, the small storage baskets hung under the cupboards make it easy to save space.

They take up the empty space to store olive oil, flour, sugar and even add a green plant.

9. Opt for a smart dish rack

Drying rack above a sink

We know that your plates must dry well somewhere!

But no need to take up space on your precious countertop.

This stylish rack fits into a corner between two shelves and keeps wet plates out. Clever, isn’t it?

10. Turn your sink into a worktop

A wooden cutting board next to a sink

This wooden cutting board fits perfectly on one of the basins of your sink.

And the other half of the sink is still available in case someone needs the water.

This is especially handy if you have a large sink that takes up more than half of the countertop surface like this!

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