What are the best tips for removing a red wine stain

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How? ‘Or’ What to take off a red wine stain quickly and easily. It only takes a clumsy gesture to splash Red wine a tablecloth, a sofa, a rug or any item of clothing: shirt, tie, dress or jacket. And this birthmarkwhether new or old can be difficult to remove. But thanks to our top 3 of the best tips for cleaning a wine stain, it will be child’s play for you. Discover this top 3 of the best stain removers for remove a red wine stain.

best trick to remove wine stain

Top 3 best tips for removing a wine stain

1 – Alcohol and vinegar

Dab wine stains with a cloth impregnated with a solution composed of 1/2 glass of water, 1/4 glass of white vinegar + 1/4 glass of 70 ° alcohol.


Before any stain removal

Test the stain remover on an inconspicuous corner.

Any stain remover, even the best, can discolor some fabrics.

If you ever notice any discoloration, dilute the product accordingly, or switch to another.

2 – Ammonia

Hands protected by household gloves, being careful not to breathe the vapors given off by this product, dab the wine stain using a damp cloth with a few drops of ammonia added.

Rinse and wash.


– If it is a garment or a fabric,

Wash it immediately after stain removal; otherwise, the stain remover will continue to work and may damage the fabric.

– If it is a mattress, sofa or carpet,

Clean well beyond the stain, and even completely, then rinse with a microfiber cloth or wrung out sponge. This is the only solution to not create a halo.

3 – Vinegar + soapy water

Dab quickly wine stains with a cloth rolled up in a tampon impregnated with a little soapy water and 70 ° alcohol.

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