What are the best tips for removing a musty stain

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How? ‘Or’ What to take off a musty stain quickly and easily ? When you leave an item of clothing or a rug in a cellar or any other damp place, black spots appear. It is mold. And more musty stains will be numerous and older they will be more difficult to remove. Discover the top 3 best tips for cleaning a musty stain on a fabric, that is to say: carpet, sheet, mattress, sofa, car seat, sofa, shirt, jacket or other clothing.

best trick to remove musty stain

Top 3 Best Mold Stain Removers

1 – Ammonia

Ammonia is arguably the most effective product for getting rid of musty stains.

But it is effective it is also dangerous.

Hands protected by household gloves, avoiding breathing the vapors it gives off, operating in a well ventilated room, the window wide open, pour ammonia on a cloth, then clean the stain by dabbing.

Rinse and wash.


Before any stain removal

Test the stain remover on an inconspicuous corner.

Any stain remover, even the best, can discolor some fabrics.

If you ever notice any discoloration, dilute the product accordingly, or switch to another.

2 – Borax

An alternative to bleach, borax powder, both used to stain, to deodorize (ideal for urine odors) to fight fleas and cockroaches, can both disinfect and remove mold.

Hands protected by household gloves, thoroughly clean the coating with a sponge soaked in hot water and borax (2 cups of hot water for ½ cup of borax).

Rinse then wash.


– If it is a garment or a fabric,

Wash it immediately after stain removal; otherwise, the stain remover will continue to work and may damage the fabric.

– If it is a mattress, sofa or carpet,

Clean well beyond the stain, and even completely, then rinse with a microfiber cloth or wrung out sponge. This solution is the only one so as not to create a halo.

3 – hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide, discolors the dark stain and disinfects.

Remove this task ofhumidity by dabbing it with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse or wash.

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