What are the best tips for removing a greasy stain

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How? ‘Or’ What remove a stain of fat quickly and easily ? All it takes is a moment of inattention and your sofa, rug or clothes are covered in greasy spots not so easy to clean. Whether it’s a stain of oil, butter or sauce greasy, with the top 3 of our best tips learn to to take off without problem and quickly this grease stain.

best trick to remove a greasy stain

Top 3 best grease stain removers

1 – Soap

Rub the oily stain with barely damp white soap so as to form a sort of crust.

Leave on for ¼ of an hour.

Then emulsify with a little water.

2 – Terre de Sommières

Sommières earth is ideal for quickly removing oil or sauce stains that are still wet.

Sprinkle the greasy spot with Terre de Sommières.

When the earth has totally absorbed task of fat, all you have to do is dust it off.

This solution is ideal for recent stains that are still wet.

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3 – Talc or flour and iron

A great tip for old and encrusted stains.

Sprinkle task talcum flour or Sommières earth, cover it with a good thickness of paper towel then pass the iron hot or not too hot depending on the quality of the fabric.

Change the paper as soon as it gets dirty.

Repeat the operation until the total elimination of the task.

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