Wall, carpet … How to remove grease stains from all surfaces?

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Red wine stain, blood stain, ink stain or even sludge stain … Whether on textiles or surfaces in the house, it can be a little difficult to find a very effective stain remover. And this is all the more true for removing fatty stains (butter, oil, crème fraîche, etc.). We can absorb all the excess with absorbent paper and use all the cleaning products possible and imaginable, it is not always enough to recover the stained area without damaging it or leaving a halo! For a garment, we know that we can use lemon juice, Marseille soap, dishwashing liquid or an iron. But how do you remove stains from other surfaces in the house? Here’s how to get rid of greasy stains on all surfaces!

Leave the bleach and ammonia in the cupboard, we won’t need it!

1) The burnt fat stains on the different parts of the oven

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Every time you turn on the oven, does the burning smell jump out at you and the dirt on the grill jumps out at you? It must be said that once cooked, a stain of fat becomes even tougher! Fortunately, grandmother at her techniques. Sprinkle your damp sponge with baking soda and scrub the grill. Then spray white vinegar to remove the last fat and rinse with soapy water. Otherwise, for the grid such as very greasy baking sheets, make a paste with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a few drops of washing up liquid. Scrub with a good sponge or brush and let these stain removers sit for an hour before rinsing. And above all, don’t skimp on very regular maintenance with black soap!

2) Against greasy stains on a wall

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It’s not easy to remove an oil stain from an unsuitable wall covering! Indeed, black soap and hot water will do the trick perfectly. on tiles. As to painted wall, we can clean it with a hot water-bicarbonate paste to leave for one hour. However, on wallpaper, This is an other story. In this case, it will be better to opt for the land of Sommières (organic store or DIY store and some supermarkets). This natural stain remover is extremely absorbent. Just apply, leave on for a few hours and wipe off. Whatever the coating, remember to test your detergent on an inconspicuous place before putting it elsewhere.

3) Remove greasy stains from the sofa or carpet

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Clothes can be washed in the machine, but what about a large rug and how do you clean a stain on the sofa? Here again, the land of Sommières can be of great help to you in absorbing fat and remove the bad odors that emanate from it. It is enough for that to sprinkle some on the stubborn stains and to let act minimum one hour. For more efficiency, you can even leave it on overnight before brushing and then vacuuming.

4) Remove stubborn grease stains from your floors

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Whether we are talking about terrace pavers, tile joints, stone floors or vitrified parquet, we can also use Sommières earth. Unlike the previous tips, however, you will have to be more patient here by letting it sit longer. 24h of installation will be more than enough to absorb all the fat and permanently remove the stain.

5) And finally, for grease stains on wood?

For the worktop or a piece of furniture, a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar should suffice. If, however, the stain is more encrusted, that will not be enough. In this case, you will have to gently sand the wood in order to renovate it!

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