The dreaded three-ingredient anti-mold spray recipe

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There are many cleaning products that help fight mold soiling. Baking soda like white vinegar are good examples. Bactericidal tea tree essential oil in a little water also gives a powerful cleanser very disinfectant. However, we often tend to think that only bleach really helps fight mold in damp rooms (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc.). However, this product is not suitable for all surfaces and it is very toxic in addition to damaging the environment. To restore shine to your moldy walls, joints and floors with very basic and ecological household disinfecting products, discover this chemical-free anti-mold spray that cleans moldy residues, removes bad odors and allows for in-depth disinfection.

The ingredients of this ready-to-use cleaning product:

-A spray bottle (for easy application on the surfaces to be treated)
-300 ml of hot water
-30 ml of dish soap or black soap
-3 tablespoons of baking powder (a very unusual multi-purpose product)

How to make this very effective anti-mold spray?

1) Start by gathering all your ingredients. This is the most difficult step of the preparation (it tells you how easy the recipe is…).

2) Then pour all your ingredients into the sprayer. Close the bottle carefully and shake it. It’s already ready!

3) All you have to do is spray it on the surfaces to be treated. Above all, don’t hesitate to be generous when spraying. Then, leave on for 30 minutes.

4) To finish, take care to scrub well and rinse with a sponge soaked in hot water. A toothbrush can also be used for rubbing dirt into tile joints or textiles. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth to dry and shine the walls or floor.

mold bathroom tile wall
Credit: Flickr / Tony Webster

Other tips for removing mold stains:

To deeply treat smaller areas, you can mix a sachet of yeast with lemon juice or toothpaste. Form a thick paste to apply on the areas infested with mold. Above all, remember to let it act two hours to maximize the stain remover and fungicidal effect of this homemade disinfectant cleaner. Finally, rinse thoroughly.

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