Removing a soap bubble stain – Practical

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How to remove a soap bubble stain ? All children love to run in front of soap bubbles to try to catch them and shatter them. The problem is that the product used task the clothing. “Warning, the product stains” is it written on the cardboard of the tube to bubbles. And it’s true, this product stains and these stains are difficult to get rid of. Find out how clean soap bubble stains.

Remove a soap bubble stain

how to remove a soap bubble stain

Clean a soap bubble stain on a fabric

Stain still wet

1- Sparkling water

Dab the stain as quickly as possible with a cloth soaked in sparkling water

2 – Absorbent paper

All the alcohol stains can vanish if you sponge them immediately with sheets of absorbent paper.

Dry and encrusted stain

3 – 70 ° alcohol + water

If the alcohol stain is old remove it first by dabbing it with a cloth soaked in a water-alcohol mixture (50%) then clean with a cloth soaked in slightly diluted white vinegar.

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4 – Marseille soap + lemon

Rub the stain with barely damp Marseille soap.

Leave the soap to act for a quarter of an hour, then emulsify with a few drops of lemon.

Rinse then wash

5 – Marseille soap + vinegar

Rub the stain with barely damp Marseille soap to form a sort of crust.

Leave to dry then emulsify with hot water + a drop of white vinegar.

6- Bicarbonate and water

Apply on stains a paste formed from baking soda and a little water.

Rub. Wash.

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Remove a soap bubble stain from suede

– White vinegar + lukewarm water

Scrub the stains, using a brush soaked in a solution composed of ¾ white vinegar and ¼ water and 1 drop of washing up liquid, forcing on the vinegar on the stains.

If they are shoes, clean them 2 completely, paying particular attention to the stains.

Rinse with a brush moistened with water.

Let dry away from all sources of heat.

When the shoes or boots are dry, sprinkle them with talcum powder and brush dry to give the suede back its fluffy side.

Remove a stain of soap bubbles from leather

– Vinegar water

Quickly pass a cloth impregnated with vinegar water.

Let dry then coat the leather with petroleum jelly.

Leave on and then wipe off.

– Beauty cream / lemon

Dab the water spots with a cloth soaked in moisturizer in which you will have squeezed a little lemon.

Dry. Wax.

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