Poop on clothes – 10 tips for removing poop stains from fabric or clothing

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How to remove poop stains from fabric or clothing ? An accident can happen to anyone. While these common stains on bodysuits and pajamas from baby are stubborn What are the products who can overcome it? And how to use them? Discover 10 effective cleansers to remove excrement stains.

5 tips and 10 tips for removing poop stains

4 tips before cleaning a poop stain

1- Before any stain removal remove the feces

Scrape them off with a wooden or plastic spatula or rinse the item of clothing in the toilet bowl.

2 – Do not machine the stained garment

Without having treated the stain before.

Excrement stains do not wash off in the washing machine.

3 – Test one of our stain removers then rinse

A stain remover can work very well on one fabric and not another.

Use one of the stain removers that we offer, remembering to rinse the treated area after each stain removal. Because mixed, some stain removers cannot stand to be mixed with others and could damage clothing

4 – If it is a baby’s clothing

A child’s skin is fragile. Use natural stain removers as much as possible and if you cannot, rinse and then wash the garment very carefully so as to do not leave it baby skin in contact with the areas that have just been detached.

how to remove poop stains from clothes

What stain remover to clean excrement stains

1 – Alcohol at 70 °

Clean the colored stain with a cloth soaked in 70 ° alcohol.

Soap and rinse.

We sell 70 ° alcohol at the Boutique Toutpratique

2 – Ammonia

Scrape off the excess using the rounded edge of a spoon, then wipe off the stain with a cloth dampened with thinly diluted ammonia.

Rinse then wash.


Ammonia is a great stain remover, but take some precautions when using it!

Do not breathe the vapors that this product gives off, open the window wide, and handle it with your hands protected by household gloves.

3 – Baking soda and lemon

This stain removal method is ideal for baby clothes.

On the wet area of ​​the garment, sprinkle the stain with baking soda.

Rub gently.

If the baking soda doesn’t seem effective enough, start over by adding a little lemon juice on top of the baking soda.

Rub then rinse.

4 – Borax

An alternative to bleach, containing no chlorine, borax powder works great on poop stains.

With your hands protected by household gloves, gently rub the stain with a solution of 2 tablespoons of hot water and 1 teaspoon of borax.

Rinse then wash.

4 – Lemon and lye

Rub the stain with liquid detergent, then emulsify with lemon juice

5 – hydrogen peroxide

After scraping, clean the stain by dabbing with a cloth impregnated with hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse as soon as possible after stain removal.

6 – Laundry and bleach

After scraping off the excess, moisten the stain and then rub it with a drop of detergent and a drop of bleach.

Rinse as soon as possible after stain removal.

7 – Dishwasher detergent

Dishwasher detergent containing very strong degreasing and bleaching agents can remove the toughest stains, including poop.
Wet the dirty area then rub it with a little dishwasher detergent, without rinsing, before putting the garment in the machine.

8 – Black soap

Scrape the stain then rub the remaining traces dry with black soap

Then pour in water and a little white vinegar.

Rinse or machine wash immediately.

9 – White vinegar and soapy water

Clean these spots with lukewarm soapy water with a little white vinegar.

Rub gently then rince after this stain removal.

10 – Oven cleaner

If no product has come to the end of these stains, if the fabric is solid, hands protected by household gloves, spray product to clean the oven and then rub.

Rinse or machine as quickly as possible.

The oven cleaner removes the most stubborn stains.

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