How to unclog a sink? 8 tips that work!

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Between unpleasant bad odors in the drain and standing water, having a clogged sink or sink is a problem that we would do well without. Fortunately, we can often overcome this inconvenience with a few simple tips. Thus, no need to run to call a professional. For three times nothing, you can chase away the stagnant waters and regain some peace of mind. Here is the ultimate guide to natural product solutions to finally know how to unclog a sink. You will inevitably find a trick that will help you out.

If the problem with the plug is in the dishwasher, you will have all the steps to follow here.

1) How to prevent pipes from clogging?

Prevention is important in the event of repeated worries! To avoid having to constantly unclog your pipes, take the initiative by pouringboiling salted water in the sink every week. This will maintain the pipe which tends to clog. Also remember to clean the siphon regularly. Indeed, it is the place where all the waste accumulates and forms the bad smell. When overfilled, it more easily allows standing water to develop. So remember to unscrew and empty the siphon!

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Coffee grounds in the sink, a good idea?

To recycle coffee grounds, we often recommend putting them in the sink to unclog and deodorize them. However, it actually has the opposite effect and may facilitate the formation of plugs just like your other food waste, especially if the pipe is already problematic. It is therefore better to reserve it for other uses in the garden or in the house. If you really want to use it to deodorize everything, don’t do it too often. Put very little and then rinse with very hot water, and never thinking of removing a plug, because it will only make it worse!

2) Hot water to dissolve the plugs

No need for chemicals based on caustic soda, bleach or hydrochloric acid. You already have everything you need at home, namely water and a large saucepan! To unclog your sink, boil a liter of water. Then simply pour this boiling water into the sink drain hole. The heat will soften the plug and evacuate this agglomerate of grease and waste in the sewers without the slightest effort.

3) baking soda and vinegar to unclog the sink

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The combination of baking soda and white vinegar creates a harmless chemical reaction. During this reaction, these ecological cleaning products neutralize each other. More importantly, they will also foam, which will allow them to help dislodge the clog. You can pour a big cup of baking soda and cover with vinegar, or you can add a little coarse salt to the equation for even more efficiency. For make a very effective unblocker, mix 200g of baking soda, 200g of coarse salt and 200ml of vinegar, then immediately pour into the pipe. Leave on overnight. The next day, rinse with boiling or very hot water and repeat if necessary.

4) Soda crystals to remove fatty residues

Greasy plugs are among the most common, and soda crystals are great to combat them. Indeed, this cleaning product is even more powerful than bicarbonate to drive away dirt and scale. You need at least that to degrease and disinfect all the difficult surfaces in the house, starting with the pipes. To do this, pour a cup of soda crystals into the duct. Then cover with boiling water and leave to act. This will be enough to dislodge the plug. Good to know: You can also use this trick in prevention of traffic jams twice a month.

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