How to revive the black of clothes? 6 effective natural ingredients!

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Is your wardrobe overflowing with black clothes? Rest assured, this is the case in many wardrobes! This shade has a reputation for going with everything and flattering every figure. However, nothing is less glamorous than a black that turns gray or brown over time and loses all of its “shine”. We can of course then opt for a dye to slip into the washing machine to intensify the black. However, natural products do just as well while being more economical! Discover our grandmother’s tips and tricks for reviving the dark with ingredients from the kitchen or taken from nature.

At the end of the article, we also give you the best washing and drying tips and techniques to avoid dull black clothes.

Natural ingredients to revive the dark

Besides black pepper (1 teaspoon in the drum of the washing machine), many ingredients allow to intensify the black.

Coffee to restore shine to black

In addition to revive the black color, the coffee also helps to fix it. It can be used in several ways. On the one hand, you can soak your clothes in very strong cold coffee before washing. Alternatively, it is also possible to pour a cup of coffee in the washing machine, preferably in the softener drawer. Then continue rinsing to obtain a uniform color. To be used only on black clothes!

coffee for black clothes maintenance
Coffee: THE good idea for maintaining black fabrics. YouTube capture of the Teachingmensfashion channel


Carefully keep the cooking water from the spinach! It is indeed very effective for fix the color of black clothes. Soak your dark clothes in this preparation, then rinse with clean water.


This preservative has no equal for preserve dark colors of clothes. How? ‘Or’ What ? Dip each black item of clothing in lukewarm tea. Otherwise, you can add two mustard glasses directly to the machine’s rinsing compartment.

Ivy or walnut to revive the dark

In a Dutch oven filled with water, bring a handful or two of ivy or walnut leaves to a boil. Then let cool off the heat until the decoction becomes lukewarm. All you have to do is soak your clothes in get a glowing black.

revive black black clothes
Video capture of the BuzzFeed Nifty YouTube channel

Beer rinse

This traditional technique involves rinsing black clothes with beer. We then rinsed abundantly to avoid alcohol odors! Even easier, it is quite possible to pour a glass of beer into the softener container when rinsing. This will make your black clothes like new.

Panama wood or India ink to revive a very tarnished black

Panama bark is commonly used to treat dark jeans. It would therefore be a shame to do without it for wake up and protect the color of clothes. It is enough to make a decoction with 100 g of bark per liter of water. Then all you have to do is soak! For a more tinted effect, India ink (or an indelible black ink) is another good option. Just dilute the ink in hot water and immerse the garment in it. Using gloves, be sure to stir regularly. This allows to evenly dye the fabric. Then, drain the garment outside without wringing it out. For a technique like the other, remember to wash the garment apart or just with black clothes to limit the risk of discoloration of light laundry.

Tips for maintaining black clothes

Some tips before washing:

A good sorting allows not to tarnish the rest of the laundry, but also to make the black lose its intensity. Also think about put black clothes inside out to protect the color. This makes it possible to limit the discoloration of the exterior face. Indeed, repeated rubbing can wear out the color faster. And if it is a new garment, consider fix black color with a sink or basin of cold water with a cup of white vinegar and another of coarse salt.

laundry washing machine black clothes
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During washing in the washing machine:

Ideally, you should opt for a short program and do not exceed 30 or even 40 ° C maximum. Hot water tends to accelerate the discoloration of dark colored clothing. Otherwise, spinning should also be set to minimum to avoid black wear. In terms of products, there is of course the special detergent for black laundry and dark colors. However, follow the dosages carefully to avoid stains on the clothes. When it comes to homemade recipes, it is the ivy detergent that wins hands down! However, the little chestnut detergent is also very effective. Otherwise, any liquid detergent whitening agent free will do. (Laundry powder is often more whitening than liquid.) Finally, limit the fabric softener in favor of a small glass of white alcohol vinegar when rinsing.

Good to know: Very gentle, hand washing black clothes is also a good option.

After washing:

Sun drying and tumble drying are not recommended. Nothing tires the dark more than the rays of the sun and the heat ! In addition, black clothes like dark colored linens are not too fond of ironing which tends to destroy the pigments that color the fabric over time. If you have no choice, iron on the inside of the fabric or set the iron to a low temperature.

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