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How to remove verdigris, this greenish deposit that forms on the copper, the bronze where the brass when he is oxide. And if sometimes the green-grey gives cachet to a sculpture, it is a whole different matter when it comes to pipe of a pipeline, from the head of a tap or a copper pan. Some people claim that this green-grey is a poison. Shouldn’t we be wary of it? Anyway, find out how to remove the green-grey this material that eats away at metal with 10 natural tips.

10 natural tips to remove verdigris

10 tips for cleaning verdigris

How to clean verdigris on copper, bronze or brass

Easily remove verdigris with:

1- Brush

Hands protected by household gloves, nose and mouth protected by a cloth, brush the verdigris on an object using a soft brush over a sink protected by newspaper that you throw in the trash.

The brushed object, quickly clean it with soapy water.

2 – Methylated alcohol

Once the object is bronze dusted, washed and dried, clean the remaining verdigris with a cloth impregnated with a mixture of methylated spirits and water (4/5 water, 1/5 alcohol).

Rinse and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

3 Bicarbonate

Remove the verdigris using a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda.

4 – Lemon juice with coarse salt

Gently rub the verdigris with a brush impregnated with lemon juice sprinkled with salt.

Rinse as soon as possible.

5 – Hot soapy lemon water

If the object is not very attacked by the verdigris, immerse it in very hot water + a little washing-up liquid + the juice of half a lemon.

Rinse and dry as quickly as possible.

6 – Onion

Rub the verdigris with a big onion, removing the edge as soon as it turns black.

Wash, rinse and dry.

7 – Clay stone

Clean, without much rubbing and insisting, the silver metal using a cloth or sponge moistened with clay stone.

Gently, then pass a microfiber cloth to make it shine.

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8 – Alcohol vinegar and salt

Remove the bronze verdigris with a cloth impregnated with a tablespoon of alcohol vinegar mixed with a pinch of fine salt.

9 – Hot vinegar

Clean bronze, copper or brass covered with verdigris with hot vinegar.

Rinse it off right away.

10 – Vinegar, salt and flour

With your hands protected by household gloves, rub the copper with a mixture of equal parts vinegar, salt and flour.

Rinse and pat dry.

how to clean verdigris

Verdigris of a copper saucepan or pot

The cooking certain acidic foods like lemon juice or tomato sauce in a pan or a copper pot may cause the formation of verdigris.

And you have to know a pan or a copper pot attacked by the green-grey must never be in contact with food. The copper oxide brought into contact with food releases toxic salts which can turn into poison.

Verdigris on a pipe or faucet

The greenish deposit on the copper pipes and around the heads of the valves is not an oxidation but a kind of scale which is caused by contact with very hard water.

Water quality, quality of the plumbing installation or quality of the brass or copper of the tap which leave something to be desired, remove this scale which appears to be non-toxic, using a brush impregnated with ‘a solution composed of one liter of hot water and 4 tablespoons of citric acid.

Rinse generously with water then wipe dry.

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Verdigris stain on a fabric

1 – Citric acid

Dab the verdigris stains using a cloth dampened with a solution of one teaspoon of citric acid for the contents of a coffee cup.

Rinse as soon as possible.

2 – Lemon and salt

Pour over the stain of verdigris lemon juice with salt, rub then pour in powdered detergent wet with a little water and rub again.

Rinse. Wash.

3 – Lemon and soap

Rub the stain of verdigris with a brush soaked in previously heated lemon juice.

Then pass on the lemon wet area of ​​the dry Marseille soap.

Leave on for about a quarter of an hour.

Repeat if necessary.

Rinse. Wash.

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